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Energetic Triangle:

Balanced & Vibrant Energy 











8 Weeks to becoming
Sexy, Spirited and Strong!

Increase your Radiant Energy and Self-love
to create the life you want! 


If you’re ready to love yourself and your life, and attract positive people and opportunities, then you’re ready for this program.

 Imagine unlocking the mystery of your soul.  Who are you, truly?

The Positive Energy Woman  program is a deep and thought-provoking exploration into your Self.  Through it you, you will learn the techniques and practices that revitalize your Energetic Triangle of sex, spirit and inner-strength energies and help you to become a sexy, spirited and strong Positive Energy Woman.

The Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman book and workbook provide a step-by-step process to help you release the limiting self-beliefs and energetic blocks that obscure your sense of self and success, cultivate your energy and discover your valuable and unique qualities.

In eight weeks, you will begin to energize, embrace and express the multidimensional aspects of yourself that have been neglected. You’ll awaken your capabilities to design the life you want, and activate your inherent gifts and talents to bring your dreams to fruition.  You'll radiate beautiful, positive energy to the world and attract positive people and opportunities.

Sexy, Spirited and Strong:
Becoming a Positive Energy Woman

Program with Book & Workbook

Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman is a collection of easy energetic and physical exercises from energy, practical to mystical, that balance your Energetic Triangle.

The textbook and workbook offer exercises and practices that activate sex, spirit and inner-strength energies, including:

  •  Tantric and Taoist energy Techniques to charge your Sex energy 
  •  Meditations, mantra, prayer and more to increase your connection with your inner and outer Spirit  energies
  •  Assessments and tips to ramp up your Inner strength and abilities to accomplish your life’s purpose
  •  Mindsets for power and effectiveness
  •  Physical Movement practices to activate life-force energy throughout the body
  •  Self-Esteem Boosters
  •  And much, much more!

The Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman workbook stewards you through the eight-week program to help you discover and awaken and revitalize your energy, week by week.  


Amp up your juice week by week!

 Week One: Immersion into Your Foundation

You’re presented with foundational information of your Energetic Triangle. The principles you explore this week will provide a launch-point for all of your future energetic growth and cultivation. 

Week Two:  Plugging into Your Energy

You’ll begin to see and experience yourself, other people and life in general, more consciously, and in a more expanded way, and see that they, too, are more than what meets the eye.

Week Three: Experiencing Your Energy

You’re presented with a variety of explorations and practices, including physical techniques that help wake up and refine your energy. Soon you’ll begin to see the connection between your energetic vibration and the people and opportunities that you attract.

Week Four:  Getting to Know the True You 

You’re invited to ardently experience each aspect of your Energetic Triangle with explorations and exercises that connect you more deeply and strongly with your body and soul. You’ll not only shake up what is inside of you, but you’ll also awaken the powerful a woman that resides there!  

Week Five: Integrating the Energy

This week provides opportunities for you to put your knowledge and dexterity into action. You’ll easily and deeply connect with your truest essence and bring it forth with ease and grace. A new woman is being born!!

Week Six: Radiating Energy

Explorations and exercises invite you to become more intimate and more expressive with every aspect of your energetic self, so that you ultimately contain and exude the best energy possible, and thus invite the most positive things into your life.

Week Seven:  Being a Positive Energy Woman

You’ll learn new ways to explore frontiers of yourself that you may have never seen before, and experience yourself as the multidimensional being that you are.

Week Eight: Designing your Positive Life

Select your favorite practices and create your lifestyle plan for energy maintenance and building.