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Energetic Triangle:

Balanced & Vibrant Energy 












Get ready to be HAPPY! 

July 21-23, 2017

San Gabriel Hilton Hotel
San Gabriel, California

Please join this powerful event, in which a variety of presenters share their insights of happiness.

Meloney is presenting on Sunday, July 23rd.

"Happiness and Success in the Workplace",
Meloney will share tips and insights from Sexy, Spirited and Strong.

For more information for this dynamic event, please go to:



Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Positive Energy Woman Workshop

June 26, 2016
10.00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Altadena, CA


Is your Energetic Triangle wonky?

Do you feel disconnected from your body? Are you squelching your true nature? Does it seem that you’re drifting through life? Do you feel low-energy, in general?

You could be suffering from an unbalanced Energetic Triangle. 

Your Energetic Triangle is a trio of vital forces within your body comprised of your sexual, spiritual and inner-strength energies that help you to feel vital, sexy, self-loving, and positive about all aspects of your life.  

Often your sexual, spiritual or inner-strength energies are depleted by childhood conditioning and/or by life’s trials and tribulations. And when one or more aspects of your Energetic Triangle are weak, your entire life can go out of whack! Much like the tires of your car, when one part of your Triangle is flatter than the others, you’ll have a bumpier ride through life. 

But you can tune up your Energetic Triangle and revitalize all of its parts, so that you feel Sexy, Spirited and Strong!  You’ll feel great about your unique Self, and develop a positive glow that radiates out to the world and attracts positive opportunities.   

The Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Positive Energy Woman Workshop is a day-long, full-immersion event that will help to revitalize and balance your Energetic Triangle. 

  Using the book Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman as the foundation, this workshop imparts a plethora of information, techniques and practices from Tantric, Taoist and Western traditions that address sex, spirit and inner-strength energies. 

These practices will help you to experience and learn: 

  • The ability to up-level your own energy into positive energy
  • The ability to feel the energy of others
  • Easy movements, and even the sound, that will activate and balance your sexual energy
  • One simple technique that converts your sexual energy into whole-body healing
  • Sacred feminine archetypes and the one you most fully embody
  • Ancient techniques that connect your spirit with Quantum Field of Universal Love
  • A powerful prayer technique that helps you to manifest your needs and desires  
  • Inner explorations that help you discover, or rediscover, your True Self
  • Techniques to help you become clear on your life’s purpose
  • A practice to help you remove blocks toward your success
  • Mindsets and practices that help you to attract and create the life you desire

 . . . . and so much more, all in a setting of sisterly support. 

Results you'll experience include:

  • Heightened sexual energy
  • Overall radiance, health and feelings of sexiness
  • Stronger connection with and greater appreciation of your physical body (including parts you never even knew you had!)
  • Deeper connection with your spirit and True Self (and she may be a new discovery!)
  • Improved inner-strength, with enhanced confidence and positive power.  
  • Greater appreciation and love of your unique Self
  • Greater clarity of life’s purpose
  • More joy for the life you have and during the process as you grow
  • Radiant, Positive Energy that attracts positive experiences, people and opportunities.
  • And so much more!

No matter what your age or lifestyle, you can benefit from this fun and dynamic workshop.

The fee for this dynamic and energizing class is $95, and includes includes a copy of Sexy, Spirited and Strong book.  

The workshop location is:
Healing Arts Center of Altadena (north of Pasadena)
1911 Lake Avenue
Altadena, CA  91001 

Enroll today!

If you have questions, please email Meloney at






Sourcing Vitality from the Womb

Two-hour experiential classes

Drop In

February 7 & February 28, 2015

West Los Angeles

Your yoni (womb) is the source of your physical health, feminine spirit and energetic radiance. Yoni Yoga practices promote a healthy and toned yoni and pelvis for full-body benefits!

This is an experiential class that provides information and practices that activate three important aspects of your yoni, including:

Physical: The system of organs, including vagina, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes, supported by a network of muscles. Oxygenated organs and toned muscles contribute to overall health and youthfulness.

Energetic: The source of sexual / creative life-force energy that contributes to sexy radiance and juicy charisma.

Sacred/Spiritual: The home of your sacred feminine and the Goddess of Love and Sexuality within you. When awakened, self-appreciation and inner-power are amplified.

Yoni Yoga provides information and practices to help you connect with each aspect of your yoni. Practices include:  

  • Easy yoga poses focused on the pelvis to improve flexibility and activate sexual energy.
  • Taoist Breath Practice that strengthens the pelvic floor and enhances your radiant beauty.
  • Tantric pelvic practice to pump up your sexual energy.
  • Hip-focused dance movements to heighten your sexiness and femininity.
  • Guided meditation to help you connect with your most sacred place.
  • Yoni muscle workout to strengthen the muscles, increase flexibility and amplify sexual energy. This prepares you for more progressive Yoni Egg practices.
  • And more!

The results of a Yoni Yoga practice includes:

  • Strengthened and toned the sexual organs and muscles surrounding them.
  • Increased blood flow and healing energy in the pelvic region.
  • Sexual energy transformed into healing energy to benefit the entire body.
  • Revitalized feminine energy for feelings of sexiness and womanliness.
  • Enhanced radiant, youthful beauty.

ALL women benefit from Yoni Yoga: mothers, sexually active, celibate, menopausal, and any woman who wishes to remain youthful, feel sexy and improve her sexual and overall health.

Participants will receive a coupon for a free Yoni Yoga Practice Guide eBook after the class, so you can continue to practice on your own.

What to bring: Your personal water, pillow (to sit on), yoga mat (a mat will be provided if you don’t have one.)

February 7, 2015

11:00 am to 1:00 pm (Class starts promptly at 11:00am.)
Drop-in Class
Class fee $20.00

February 28, 2015

11:00 am to 1:00 pm (Class starts promptly at 11:00am.)
Drop-in Class
Class fee $20.00


Granville Studio
2837 Granville Ave.
West Los Angeles, CA 90064

(Located in residential neighborhood near Whole Foods on Barrington and National)

For more information, email Meloney at



Sexy | Healthy Woman mini-conference



Saturday, January 24, 2015
10am to 3pm

$50 entry, plus $7 parking

Temescal Gateway Park
Classroom 2
15601 W. Sunset Blvd.
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


Today you can look and feel youthful, healthy, and sexy, no matter what your age! And it requires no hard work, only a few positive lifestyle practices to increase your vital life-force energy, the elixir of your sexual vitality and overall health and well-being.

The Sexy | Healthy Woman mini-conference is a unique, fun and informative event that will help awaken, revitalize and balance your sexual, life force energy. Our goal is to help you feel and look sexier, healthier, and younger, and become more energetic and more inspired to express your gifts to the world.

The Sexy | Healthy Woman mini-conference provides women of all ages and walks of life with information to amplify your vital life-force energy, which results in:

 o   Increased energy

 o   Improved health and longevity

 o   Enhanced radiance and youthful beauty 

 o   Healthy pelvis and toned vagina     

 o   Amped-up and balanced libido 

 o   And much, much more!

This event features Meloney Hudson, Leah Zahner and Tiffany Knoeck, who are practiced in the realms of energetic rejuventation. Their presentations are both informational (so bring your notebook and pen), and experiential, so dress comfortably for minor movement. 

You’ll want to attend the entire event to receive this important information.

 For more information and to order tickets, visit our website at





Positive Energy Woman Tele-Salon

 The topic:  Redefining Sexy! 

Thursday, August 4th

6 pm – 7 pm PST

9 pm – 10 pm EST

What is ‘sexy’? Physical beauty? Energetic essence? A primal, mate-attracting expression?  As women are evolving, so is the concept of ‘sexy.’

This Positive Energy Woman Tele-Salon, hosted by Meloney, provides a fun forum to explore and discuss this thought-provoking subject.  On the topic of Redefining Sexy, we'll discuss:

  • Our culture's definition of sexy.
  • What 'sexy' truly is - a deeper definition.
  • Why our culture, and many of us, are uncomfortable with sexual expression - our own and others'.  
  • Deeper sexiness: how sexual energy benefits every aspect of our lives.
  • Presenting a more dimensional "sexy", and what we can do to influence our culture's perspective of 'sexy'.

    Sexy enhancements: What helps us feel sexy.

Call in, share and learn from other fabulous women. You may learn a little about yourself, and perhaps we can all evolve the concept of sexy into a new and improved concept.   


Phone number: 218-844-8230

Pass code:  208-555#


Positive Energy Woman Empowerment Sessions

Classes to be announced 

Positive Energy Woman empowerment sessions help you become sexy, spirited and strong by revitalizing and balancing your Energy Triangle of sex, spirit and inner-strength energies, to increase your self-esteem and enhance your positive energy!

Based on the principles featured in Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman, each fun session takes you on a journey of self-exploration with energetic practices from the East and the West that range from meditative to active.  In an environment of sisterly support, you are encouraged to dive deeply into your body and soul, and allow your true nature to come forth!


What you’ll experience:

Each and every hour-long session is unique and presents an array of energy exercises that focus on the sex, spirit and inner-strength energy centers, including, meditations, movement, chakra-specific balancing and revitalizing, written processing, ancient sister archetypes studies, mind-sets, and much, much more!  



Rarely do we allow ourselves to spend time to get to know our body, mind and spirit. Each Positive Energy Woman session is an invitation to commune with your truest and deepest essence, and to awaken the energetic juice that resides within.  This will help to:

  • Enhance your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Increase your radiant beauty.
  • Live in a fuller presence of the Now.
  • Feel sexier, stronger and more connected to your true self.
  • Learn your purpose on the planet.
  • Commune with other women and intensify the collective feminine energy.


Love and Passion: A Workshop for Couples

with Dr. Lori Buckley

Saturday & Sunday, March 19th & 20th  


Pasadena, CA

The Love & Passion workshop for couples is an opportunity to renew and enhance your relationship by learning the tools and techniques that enable you to strengthen your love & Passion.

Whether you are embarking on a new relationship, or have been married for many years, this valuable workshop can contribute to a union of enduring love.

Facilitated by relationship & sex expert, Dr. Lori Buckley, and Tantra facilitator & author Meloney Hudson 


In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • ·    Methods for enhanced self-love and mutual love. 
  • ·    Techniques for greater verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • ·    Practices to create a physical, emotional and spiritual connection.
  • ·    Energy exercises for deeper intimacy and greater satisfaction.
  • ·    And much more!!! 

Cost:  $395 per couple (limited to eight couples). 

Materials & breakfast included. 


Register by February 14th, and SAVE $50!!!

Advance payment required, credit card or check. 


For more information and/or to register, email us at

*There is no nudity in this workshop