2019 Events


Sunday, April 28, 2019
10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The Love Dome
200 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice, CA  90291

Drop-in Class

Yoni Yoga helps you to unite with the most sacred and wondrous part of your feminine body, to amplify and balance your life-force energy for a more radiant life.

Yoni Yoga is a unique class of energy-building, body-awakening and soul-loving practices that charge up, balance and transmute the life-force energy that dwells in your yoni. Yoni Yoga helps you to connect with your spirit, amplify your sexual energy, and strengthen your physical pelvic area so you become sexy, spirited and strong!

Yoni Yoga practices include:

  • Tantric and Taoist techniques that stimulate and transmute your sexual energy
  • Easy yoga and other movements that tone the pelvic area
  • Meditation that invites a connection with your Self
  • Celebration of your yoni and your Self

Yoni Yoga helps you to become a Positive Energy Woman of radiance and a receiver of pleasure and divine inspirations. You’ll become more radiant, alive, confident, self-loving and self-honoring and sexy being that radiates high-vibration energy!

Yoni Yoga helps you :

  • Expand your awareness of your multidimensional nature
  • Connect with and honor your True Self
  • Strengthen and tone your sexual organs and muscles surrounding them.
  • Increase blood flow and healing energy in the pelvic region.
  • Transform Sexual energy  into healing energy to benefit the entire body.
  • Increase your self-love and appreciation.
  • Enhance your radiant, youthful beauty.
  • Revitalize feminine energy for feelings of sexiness and womanliness.

Bring your yoga mat and personal water, and get ready for fun and sisterhood!

For more information, contact meloney at MeloneyHudson@PositiveEnergyWoman.com



Best Life Best You

Retreat for Women
Lucca, Italy

With Lori Buckley
Guest Facilitator, Meloney Hudson

May 19-24, 2019

Explore the depths of your inner and outer-self, while enjoying the best of Italy’s Tuscany region. Love yourself with this pampering, fulfilling experience…and expand into who you are meant to be.

With the luxury of time, the exquisiteness of Italian culture and support of sisterhood, this retreat encourages you to fully explore the depths of “you” and to fully love your body, mind and spirit. You’ll define who and where you want to be, and learn skills to have the love and live the life you want.  The value of this workshop is transformation, which occurs when you allow yourself to go deep within.

Our offerings help you to shift and transform, PLUS invite to enjoy a sensual experience in a beautiful country. The theme Best Life Best You will do what it says:  help you to become your best YOU for your best LIFE - and enjoy life in the process! 

This is a five-day Italian adventure of exploration and personal transformation guided by licensed psychologist, life-coach, relationship & sex expert Dr. Lori Buckley, and Women’s Empowerment and Energy Leader Meloney Hudson.

This is an event you won't want to miss!!

Learn more by logging onto the official website: BestLifeBestYou.com



Presented by Meloney Hudson

(partial list)

"Being Strong in the Workplace"

The Happy Mind Camp Conference
July 23, 2017, San Gabriel, CA


Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Positive Energy Woman"
Full-day Transformational workshop

June 26, 2016, Altadena, CA



Sourcing Vitality from the Womb
Two-hour experiential classes - Drop In

On-going, as announced, West Los Angeles



Yoni Yoga with the Sacred Egg
All day Retreat

November 21, 2015, Malibu, CA


Yoni Yoga with the Sacred Egg
All day Retreat

June 6, 2015, Pacific Palisades, CA


Sexy | Healthy Woman

Producer, Presenter

 Saturday, January 24, 2015, Pacific Palisades, CA




"Tantra and Sexual Energy"

Sex, Culture and Society Salon
April 1, 2015, Los Angeles, CA



Love and Passion: A Workshop for Couples
with Dr. Lori Buckley & Meloney Hudson

March 19 & 20, 2011,  Pasadena, CA 




Positive Energy Woman: Redefining Sexy! 


August 4, 2011, phone conferece