** The History Within

2017 is history! But you can’t really say goodbye. The events of the year are in your body and soul, and have contributed to who you are. What you do today – your interactions with friends and family, the food you eat, your thoughts – are also becoming part of you right this minute.

Far too many of us want to leave the past behind and not recognize the marks it’s left on our souls, not wanting to examine the gifts of our experiences – especially the not-so-great experiences. 

I recommend you appreciate every person and event that has touched your life, for they have contributed to your personality, beliefs, habits, perceptions, spirit, and even your physical state. Your history has created YOU. Honoring and appreciating your history, including all of the people and events of your life so far, will increase self-love and heighten your personal vibration, which touches everyone and everything around you.

And also re-think what is good and what we consider "bad." On a cosmic level, there is no such thing as “bad.” It just "is." Humans define what is "bad" and what is "good" and distribute the concepts through social systems and media. The perception of "bad" causes a lower vibration within us, just as "good" raises our vibration. By considering our history as at least "neutral", or even better, as "good", will raise your personal vibration, empower you, and help you to percieve all of life more joyfully.

From this day on, examine the people and events in your life with an open mind and see the impact they have upon you. Percieving them as positive gifts in your life will help you to become even more empowered, stronger, and in control of your life. Thank all of your history for teaching you, shaping you, strengthening you, making you who you are.

Today, rethink your history and thank it! 

Thank all of the people who have touched your soul – both positively and what you consider hurtfully.

Thank the events that have occurred – both under your control and out of your control, both victorious and regretful.

Thank your ideas - the ones that improved your confidence and life, and the ones that fell flat or fizzled out.

Thank your body for all of its parts and functions - both the strong, healthy ones and the weaker ones.

Thank God/dess or Higher Power for the spiritual gifts you’ve received, both the light, joyful ones, and ones that plummeted you to the depths of your soul.

Thank your ancient history – prior to your birth, during the ancient times of our ancestors, that both evolved humanity and set us back.

As a spiritual being in a physical body, the gift of life is to experience the vastness of victories and defeats and to grow from each of them. The history within has made you the strong, bold, loving, powerful, beautiful, woman that you are! Thanking your history and thanking yourself for being the unique, beautiful individual that you are because of your life experiences will make you a Positive Energy Woman and a loving, beautiful force on the planet!!

The Universe thanks you for being here!

Love and Blessings ~



* 5 Stress-Reduction Strategies for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

According to the 2016 State of Women-owned Business Report, as of 2016, it is estimated that there are now 11.3 million (11,313,900) women-owned businesses in the United States. Women are now the majority owners of 38% of the country’s businesses, up from 29% in 2007. These are exciting statistics!

As women continue to gain a share of the business world, lifestyle management has become a concern. Fortunately, strategies for balanced living are becoming available.

In this article, guest writer Gloria Martinez, founder of Womenled.orgoffers valuable wisdom to business owners, entrepeneurs and every woman who works hard at their jobs. Her sage advice can help you to reduce stress, increase productivity and become healthier overall.  

5 Stress-Reduction Strategies for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Being a business owner or entrepeneur is inherently stressful. You’re likely already Type-A, overworked, and prone to keeping overly busy. Prioritizing stress reduction is key to ongoing success: if you’re unable to take care of yourself, the success of your business is at risk.

The trick to finding the right stress reduction approach for you is to experiment and practice. After all, when you know that over 90 percent of startups fail, that’s an extra big stressor on top of everything else.

Here are a few stress-reducing tactics to try and how to gauge if they work:

 1.       Earmark the first few minutes of the day just for you. Depending on your schedule, it might be five minutes or up to an hour. Regardless, avoid diving right into work and any screens—this includes your phone. Choose rituals and habits that get your morning started in a healthy, aware manner. Try warm lemon water immediately upon waking, which is a natural energy booster and oral hygiene trick. Indulge in a shower, get in your home lifting session, or treat yourself to your favorite news station while preparing a healthy breakfast. The first few moments upon waking are the easiest to make your own.

2.       Use working out as an energy booster. Have you ever been so tired after a morning full of meetings that the last thing you want to do is go to the gym for a 30-minute cardio session—but when you make yourself do it, you feel fabulous? Increasing your heart rate does more than optimize your physical fitness. It energizes you, makes you happier, and can set you up for a successful afternoon. It can also reduce your caffeine dependency. Exercise is the natural stress reducer.

3.       Try “legs up the wall” before bed. An inversion, where your heart is above your head, can help you get to sleep faster and sleep more soundly. Stress and poor sleep are strongly related, and having a relaxing bedtime ritual can help tell your body and mind that it’s time for bed. A legs up the wall inversion encourages sleepiness and gives your body that reverse blood flow it rarely enjoys.

4.       Practice full breathing. The majority of people don’t breathe fully, opting for shallow breaths instead. This weakens the lungs as well as the accessory breathing muscles (such as the scalenes) that we use with full breaths. Practice two-part breathing with equal counts inhaling and exhaling, completely filling and emptying the lungs each time. You can practice this anywhere, any time, and eventually it will become habit. Breath control can be a natural stress reducer while giving you the amount of oxygen you need to stay focused.

5.       Schedule mini breaks. Business owners are unlikely to remember to get up and walk around or stretch every hour, but it’s crucial for holistic health. You schedule appointments for everything else, so set pop-ups to remind yourself to get up and move. Just five minutes every hour, whether it’s a walk around the block or Pilates in your office, can help minimize stress and re-focus your attention.

Stress and depression have been linked to a myriad of diseases and illnesses, even addiction. It’s crucial to take the issue seriously. Falling ill, allowing your mental health to plummet, or not being your best self every day is a risk no business owner can take. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so take care of yourself first. If you don’t, it’s only a matter of time before you’re ill, not doing your best work, and your business, employees, and customers will suffer. It feels counterintuitive for many business owners to put themselves first, but it’s a habit and line of thought that can be learned.

Gloria created to spotlight women’s achievements. She loves sharing her business expertise and hopes to inspire other women to start their own businesses.




* Be a Wonder Woman in the Workplace

Greetings, Sister ~

In today’s political climate, sexism is on the rise and many women are beginning to see a backlash in the workplace. It’s more important than ever to learn how to navigate sexist situations to thrive in the work world and progress in our careers. 

In this article, guest writer, Gloria Martinez, shares progressive tactics to help increase inner-strength and office savvy to overcome on-the-job sexism. Enjoy this excellent article and improve your status in the office – and the world!

Be a Wonder Woman in the Workplace

Photo credit:  Pixabay

A woman who has recently graduated in the US faces the daunting task of finding a new job in a country where men earn more than women in more than 97 percent of the 342 professions reviewed by the US Census Bureau. From running a farm to piloting a plane to overseeing a business, men earn more than women in all but nine jobs. Beyond being concerned about your pay, you may feel uneasy about the advancement opportunities you face against your male counterparts or the threat of sexism in the workplace. As a woman, you have more to worry about than just finding a job.

Ensuring Advancement

Networking was once the most common career advice given to people wanting to advance their careers, but as companies continue to aim for innovation and speed, employees – especially women – need to welcome new ideas and opportunities outside their comfort zones to ensure advancement, says the Financial Women’s Association (FWA). Their poll showed the best thing you can do to advance your career is to move outside your comfort zone. The second thing you need to do is be more vocal and advocate for yourself. This may mean expressing your ideas in a team meeting, or even building a professional website touting your accomplishments. Thirdly, you need to engage in more networking.

Step outside your comfort zone by volunteering to take on additional or new responsibilities and making your career goals well known. Don’t be afraid to participate in conversations or provide an opinion. Have the confidence to ask for a new job or a career shift when the time is appropriate. You can advocate for yourself in several ways, says the FWA. Step up to lead a new initiative at your company or write an article or research paper.

According to the FWA, “Research shows women operate in smaller, close-knit networks comprised of people they like, which can hamper advancement and the opportunity to be visible.” By expanding your network in the workplace, you’re also stepping outside your comfort zone – you’re doing two of the top three things to advance your career! Network opportunities include professional associations, industry conferences, and your alma mater.

Navigating Sexism

The Huffington Post states that subtle sexism can include anything from being constantly interrupted by male coworkers to always being asked to plan the office parties to not being allowed to participate in work meetings. Even feeling intimidated by the thought of asking for a raise for fear of being labeled selfish or entitled can be labeled as sexism. Author Jessica Bennett offered her advice to the Huffington Post on fighting sexism.

She suggests to first have a group of women in your corner. Meet weekly or monthly to talk about your jobs and the challenges you face. Then share tricks and tips to fight sexism. At work, if you’re interrupted or spoken down to, it can be helpful to call out the behavior in a light way, such as using words like “manterruptor,” “mansplaining,” or “menstruhater.” Bennett says, “…These funny phrases can actually allow us to talk about really complicated issues.”

If someone says something sexist to you, such as, “How will you complete this project and take care of your kids?” come back to him with research. For example, tell him that moms statistically get stuff done faster and more efficiently than people without children because “they don’t have time to deal with crap.”

Cracking the Glass Ceiling

Don’t undermine yourself. Be confident and bold. Don’t worry about needing to come off as polite and humble. Bennett suggests something called power posing. You stand in a wide-stance (like a Wonder Woman pose) for 90 seconds. The result is a rise in your testosterone and confidence with a decrease in stress levels. So next time you doubt your ability to crack the glass ceiling, bring out your inner Wonder Woman.

About Author Gloria Martinez

Gloria created to spotlight women’s achievements. She loves sharing her business expertise and hopes to inspire other women to start their own businesses.