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** Goddess for Women's Empowerment


Greetings!  My posts have been few over the past several months, as I’ve been focusing on the production of Rise of Venus. I’m thrilled that it has launched!  You can watch episodes at RiseofVenus.com.

Rise of Venus
comes at a good time for women. During this era of the Me Too and Times Up Movements, women are becoming stronger, courageous and more demanding of respect. They feel empowered through sisterhood and the support of families, colleagues, even total strangers

Rise of Venus focuses on a vitally important aspect of women’s empowerment – spirituality. Particularly women’s spirituality. Now I believe, in general, spirituality is a source of strength, inspiration and self-love. Yet women’s spirituality provides more female-focused form of connection with the Divine.  

Women’s Spirituality, or Goddess Spirituality, is the worship of a female Higher Power (some call her the Divine Feminine), and is honored as an omniscient presence in all things, and/or a specific goddess form, such as Durga, Isis, Athena, or Brigid. (Thousands of female deities have been worshipped in every culture around the globe since the beginning of time.) Communing with a loving, motherly form of a Higher Power, who birthed the universe and oversees all that is, is an awesome experience. She’s relatable. She knows about birth, the cycles of the moon, the miraculous nature of the feminine body and spirit. Connecting with Goddess helps us to connect with and honor the miraculous, feminine aspects of our own body and spirit.

When I first heard of the notion of goddess worship and learned about ancient goddess-worshipping cultures, my entire being changed for the better. I became stronger, more self-esteem grew. I felt more confident to pursue a life I wanted. In the Rise of Venus series, I wish for you to receive the same empowering experience. In this series, you’ll meet women who are experts of various aspects of godess spirituality. The information they share will crack open your mind to a new way of thinking about religion, spirituality, the world we live in and yourself. They teach things you may not have known. Ultimately, they help you feel strong and proud that you’re a woman.   

Currently a few episodes of Rise of Venus are posted and I will continue to add episodes periodically. Perhaps they will provide a boost in your life and personal power! I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

With love and joy ~





* Conversation with Karen Tate: Motivated by Goddess

Good Goddess! How does she do it all?  Karen Tate is an ambitious woman on a mission to raise consciousness of the Sacred Feminine. She works unceasingly and ingeniously, employing every media available, including web, YouTube, lectures, and even the pulpit, to share insights of Goddess thealogy (deasophy) and ways to integrate them into our world. Karen is the author of two books, including the popular Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations, a writer for Examiner.com, radio host, speaker, international tour guide to sacred places and priestess. Oh, I forgot to mention, she also has a day job.

Karen isn’t just an historian who teaches facts and figures about ancient women’s history, but makes history relevant in today’s social and political issues. Like many of us today, Karen believes that the world’s woes are due to the absence of feminine sacredness in our cultures. “We’re so much more than what our culture challenges us to be. We’re robots with wrong values and wrong priorities,” says Karen. Her desire is to help influence a positive change in our priorities by alerting us of the detriments of the missing feminine, and offer a new paradigm in which all are interconnected, respectful of each other, reverent of nature and influenced by Mother Goddess. 

Karen’s most recent appearance was at the American Academy of Religion/WECSOR, where she presented her paper, Goddess is a Democrat.  Her observations of a world without feminine reverence were applauded by many of her peers, though she expects to receive not so favorable feedback from people who cling to dysfunctional, patriarchal systems.   See the video of her presentation here:


It takes a lot of energy to take but one small step to make a change, let alone promote a spiritual idea that challenges the very core of a global society. Yet Karen’s steps are giant and frequent. Wishing to discover Karen’s secrets for her high levels of energy and productivity in the name of Goddess, I asked her for insights. I share her multidimensional strategies, so that you, too, can do what it takes to set the world afire with your ideas and gifts to make the world a better, more loving place.
Set Goals, Make Lists and Stick With It 
One of Karen’s long-time habits is to make a list of goals for the year, month, week, and day. “I’m a list maker, and every day I write a list of things to accomplish. If I don’t accomplish it, I write it on my list the next day.”  A seemingly mundane task, writing lists will propel you forth and keep you on track. 

Then, work tenaciously to meet those goals. And don’t let rejection get in the way. Karen received 35 rejection letters for her first book proposal, but that didn’t’ stop her from the next submission. She finally found the perfect publisher, and her book has been a success on the market. Karen says "Be tenacious - like water wearing away rock. Eventually we will reach our goals.”

Call Upon Goddess for Support and Inspiration
During times of difficulty or overwhelm, Karen calls upon the Egyptian Goddess SekHmet, Lady of Tenacity Manifested and remover of obstacles, giver of strength and passion. She also seeks comfort and strength from Isis, Goddess of love, joy and compassion. Karen was awakened from Catholic girl slumber and greeted by Goddess several decades ago, and her life changed. She is the founder of the Isis Ancient Cultures Society in Los Angeles, where she has organized public events for more than ten years. Now, Goddess is present in her every moment.

Often a response from her calls to the divine come in the early hours of the morning with ideas and flowing inspirations. “Often I get my best ideas at 3:00am, so I will get up and write things down. At this time, all the veils are down, and great things come through the subconscious part of ourselves, where we are closest to the Source, within us or outside of us.”

Learn and Live Passionately
One of Karen’s favorite endeavors is her radio show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine, because it helps her learn.  “I love asking questions. It feeds me.” And it fuels her passion. Keenly important to Karen is that everything she does follows her passion and her belief in what she is doing, even IF it doesn’t generate income. Karen is "doing Goddess's work.” She’s not looking for recognition, she’s doing her part to improve her world, and that is reward enough. 

Go with the Flow and Know When to Stop Pushing a Boulder Up Hill
Karen has been guided to where she is. “I sort of went with the flow and maybe just playing out my destiny.” She believes that if you go with the plan Goddess has for you, it works. If you don’t, you’re challenged in a way that is like rolling the boulder up-hill.  In this case, stop wasting time. “Goddess is saying, ‘this is not where to put your time.’ Often, Goddess's plan might appear as a bump in the road that takes you in a direction that is more authentically your direction.”

“We are here working with our monkey brains and we don’t always know what’s best for us. When you realize you’re not in control, you are actually liberated. Always do your best, but sometimes things go wrong, and when they do, there’s always a lesson or gift in it. Look for it, and don’t dwell on how bad it is.”

Surround Yourself with Supportive People
“When you surround yourself with people who support you, nurture you and believe in you, and who aren’t critical and jealous, you become a blossoming flower. Don’t be with people who use you or who don’t have your best interest at heart. Women, especially, need to learn from each other and support each other.”

Karen credits the support of her husband, Roy, in the completion of her books. Coming home from her day job at 5:00pm and working on her book until 2:00am, Roy helped along the way, taking care of the domestic duties while Karen wrote. “That’s why I dedicated my second book to him.”

Have Faith
Karen is often reminded that Goddess has always taken care of her. “Life is good, with enough money.” She has no pension, yet something in her core assures her everything is going to be alright.  “I’m not sure what that inner knowing is, but I don’t question it. I just keep doing what I’m doing.”

Karen used to work in corporate American, and decided that working in a cubicle or office environment wasn’t for her. And while her current day job as an apartment manager is far below her professional capabilities, it is fairly stress-free and gives her time to think about her work. “It’s a trade off. I’m trading money for experience.” 

Karen cites the work of psychologist Eric Fromm, who theorizes there are two modalities of people – one needs money and things, the other wants to ‘be’ and values experience over money in the bank. Karen is the second type, which is why traveling and doing all the she does is more important to her than money. “That’s the Goddess way – it’s about learning and sharing, not being capitalistic.”
“Once I found Goddess, I experienced personal empowerment. Now it has segued into cultural awareness and politics. Yes, Goddess has helped me, but can this also help the world?” 

To learn more about Karen and her valuable work, see www.karentate.com.


* Wanted: Contemporary Goddesses, Wise Women and Shaman

In most ancient, pre-patriarchal cultures, goddesses were worshipped for their blessings and powers to create abundance, fertility, health and overall well-being.  Early priestesses facilitated ritual to harness and raise the energy of the worshippers and send it to the goddesses and Great Mother.  At the center of many settlements lived the Wise Women, held in high esteem for their intuitive guidance.  Shaman, most often women, were called upon for their divine abilities of physical healing and reality shifting.  All of these women employed their divine gifts and worked with cosmic energy to create peace, health, abundance and well-being for their community.    

Today the world needs goddesses, priestesses, Wise Women and Shaman more than ever.  And YOU are perfectly suited for the job.  No training necessary – you already have the skills you need.  Women who feel small and unpowerful, it’s time to give up the smallness and grow into your fullness.  The world desperately needs you, and it’s time to come forth with all of your positive, feminine energy, nurturing, love, and wisdom to help bring balance to what seems to be a time of quiet desperation, as the economy falters and fear arises in everyone.  If you’ve ever felt that the state of the world is out of your hands and that you have no power to make change, please release that notion. 

Take the position of a goddess, priestess, wise woman, and/or shaman, and know that you have the powerful influence to alter the direction of a paradigm and bring good to the planet.  Believe that your energetic influence can change negative perceptions, and that you can help to instill new, positive ones.  Your energy DOES matter.  YOUR positive energy can help people feel better, stabilize the economy, influence prosperity to your own life and others, and make this an era of creativity and possibility, rather than doom and gloom.  YOU are a powerful, divine woman!!  YOU are a feminine emanation of the Highest Power, and a part of Its cosmic, energetic field. You are a drop out of the Divine Ocean of creativity, love, expression, intuition, healing, guidance and so much more. It’s time to put it to work. 

You possess the tools needed to create and send positive energy into the energetic field.  I humbly suggest they be practiced every day.  If all positive energy women pooled together their positive thoughts and actions, change will be influenced, abundance crated, courage increased among the masses.  Here are but a few easy, but powerful, tools you can use:

1.  A positive attitude.  It’s easy to fall prey to negative thinking, especially when those around us stew in fear and victim consciousness.  Consciously resist.  Challenge yourself to rise above the negativity and think positive thoughts about work, income, the future, relationships, etc.  Know that your 3-Dimensional world is but a tiny segment of a beautiful, infinite cosmos and grand design. No matter how bad things seem to appear, no matter how frightening the news is, at the moment, our planet is somewhat stable.  Know it is a time of great opportunity, a time to reevaluate our lives and gifts and how we wish to put them out into the world.  Remember that more millionaires were established during the Great Depression than any other time in history.  Even though things seem to be changing out of our control, know that this is a time of transformation and opportunity, and no matter how frightening it may seem now, once the shake-down is over things will be in the perfect, right place. 

2.  Gratitude. No matter how dire things seem to be, focus on the abundance of wonderful things around you.  Be grateful for your health, tools, home, education, skills, friends, community – everything you can think of.  I know it may seem difficult if you’re out of work and can’t find a job, but be grateful for the work you did have, for the skills  you’ve gained over the years, for the fact that we live in a country built on free enterprise and we can create our own jobs, that there ARE jobs out there. Be grateful that we live in a country where help is supplied if needed, unlike many places around the globe where governments are heinously corrupt, and services of any nature are unheard of.

3.  Divine right action.  Don’t be complacent and just watch the world swirl around you.  Take action – with your own life and with others, such as honing your inner gifts and skills, and making connections with like-minded people, and offering your services.  Become active in your communities, be they spiritual, professional, or special interest, and support them with your physical energy, money, leadership and ideas.  

4.  Commune with the Highest Power.  Pray with gratitude.  Ask for guidance and strength. And/or affirm that you have all the strength and wisdom to move through every obstacle and challenge.  Talk with God/dess throughout the day.  Express gratitude every chance you can – when you open the refrigerator and see food, for your car that still runs, for the pennies you find on the ground, for your friends.  The world is an abundant place, and though things are changing, there is a tremendous amount of good that continues to happen every day. 

5.  Know this is cyclical and it will resolve itself. Most of us have lived through many times of economic break-down, and somehow we survived, and then thrived as things picked back up. Through every down-turn comes plenty of negativity, doom and gloom, yet it is all forgotten as prosperity once again reigned.  No doubt, we’ll move through this one.