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** Sister Circle - Vortex of Positive Energy

One of the benefits of being a woman is sisterhood.

Science proves that women operate differently than men in stressful situations; rather than ‘fight or flight’, women ‘tend and befriend,’ and seek solace and direction from their girlfriends. So it makes sense that in today’s complicated and challenging times, Sister Circles, and women’s gatherings of all kinds, are becoming more popular.

A Sister Circle is a conscious, intentional and supportive gathering that facilitates community and connection. It’s a safe haven where women can openly share and discuss, without judgement, competition or disrespect. In fact, participants sit in a circle, which fosters inclusivity, connection and equality. In this sacred space, women can let their hair down (so to speak), step in their true selves, and speak honestly without fear or shame. Ideas are exchanged, issues are resolved, support abounds. The sister circle experience instills each woman with strength, confidence, and a sense of truth about herself that may have been hidden or lying dormant.

Beyond the personal benefits, circles help the planet. A sister circle forms a vortex of positive, feminine energy that ripples out into the quantum field and contributes to the balance of our overly-masculine world. Our energy is desperately needed, so this is a form a sacred service!

Women’s circles are as old as time. In the prehistoric era, women gathered in ritual to worship their Goddess. Later, women communed during their moon time to take respite from their many responsibilities. In today’s complicated and challenging times, women find these circles to be portals of peace, comfort and deep, meaningful connection.

So value are sister’s circles for individual women and the entire planet, that many organizations offer opportunities to attend and form sister circles. Author and women’s activist Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book, The Millionth Circle: How to Change Ourselves and The World--The Essential Guide to Women's Circles, provides guidance on how to create a circle. And Millionth Circle non-profit organization provides free information on women’s circles, including Circle Guidelines for your own gathering.   

Gather the Women Global Matrix is an international organization that helps women find existing circles and organize new ones, and provides guidelines. 

Women’s gatherings with specific themes can also be found. For example, the Red Tent Movement encourages community circles to honor our blood cycles and womanhood journeys. Lean In takes circles to the professional world, where women teach, learn and stand up for a more equal world.    

Feminine community is essential for personal empowerment and for the amplification of feminine energy so that the world can become balanced and a better place.

If you wish to ‘tend and befriend’, commune and grow, then participate in sisterly community and help create a vortex of positive feminine energy!


** Bringing Your Ideas to Pre-Dawn Light


Do you have an idea, project or goal that you feel called to create, but you just can’t seem to find the time to bring it to light? You aren’t the only one. Millions of people feel that their creative genius is hampered because of their jobs, families and other obligations.

I have a secret that can help you attend to your soul’s calling and bring your passion projects to fulfillment. It’s one that I use to enable me to write books, teach classes and produce documentaries, all while working a stressful full-time job.   

The secret:  Wake up very early in the morning and spend that time on your personal projects. 

My days start at 5:00 a.m., and often much earlier. During the pre-dawn hours, long before the sun rises, the ethers are calm and clear of frenetic energy and distractions. My body and mind are rejuvenated and free of yesterday’s activities, so inspirations and ideas pour in. I’m focused and efficient. Often what I accomplish surprises me because it’s much more original and well-produced than I imagined it would be.   

With a cup of coffee in hand (one cup is all I need), I dedicate about an hour-and-a-half to my work. That hour-and-a-half equals seven and-a-half hours a week. So I’m able to chip away at my creations until they’re complete. (And this doesn’t include the weekend hours I put in.)

After my pre-dawn work session, just as the world starts waking up, I put my project away and start the day.  

I go into the office feeling exhilarated from focusing on a project that supports my life’s purpose. I’m charged with positive energy and inspiration. Daily challenges are more enjoyable and interactions with co-workers are upbeat. The skills honed from my own work are applied to my professional job, which benefits both the company and me.

After my day-job, I don’t work at all, so my evenings are free to relax (or completely crash after a long day). I’m in usually in bed by 9:30 p.m., and sleep easily and deeply.

While early mornings might sound painful, they aren’t at all, especially when dedicated to a passion project, through which your soul is expressed and your creative juices flow. In fact, the rewards are motivating!  You’ll hop out of bed with eagerness to return to it.

Adjusting to early morning hours won’t happen overnight. Baby steps are helpful. Wake up 15 minutes earlier for two or three weeks, then another 15 minutes earlier for two or three weeks, until you have an extra hour or hour-and-a-half. You can accomplish enough in 15 minutes to start to breathe life into it. Imagine what you can accomplish in that extra seven hours a week! 

Once you begin seeing the results, and birthing ideas that have been incubating for so long, the habit of waking up early will become second nature.

For sure, this method works particularly well for those with the “Lark” body-clock, who naturally function best during the day. If you are an “Owl”, who is most energized at night, this system probably won’t work for you.  But for us Larks, the pre-dawn hours can be our new best friend.

So if your soul’s work is calling, answer it during the pre-dawn hours. Bring your ideas and inspirations to light!


** Goddess for Women's Empowerment


Greetings!  My posts have been few over the past several months, as I’ve been focusing on the production of Rise of Venus. I’m thrilled that it has launched!  You can watch episodes at RiseofVenus.com.

Rise of Venus
comes at a good time for women. During this era of the Me Too and Times Up Movements, women are becoming stronger, courageous and more demanding of respect. They feel empowered through sisterhood and the support of families, colleagues, even total strangers

Rise of Venus focuses on a vitally important aspect of women’s empowerment – spirituality. Particularly women’s spirituality. Now I believe, in general, spirituality is a source of strength, inspiration and self-love. Yet women’s spirituality provides more female-focused form of connection with the Divine.  

Women’s Spirituality, or Goddess Spirituality, is the worship of a female Higher Power (some call her the Divine Feminine), and is honored as an omniscient presence in all things, and/or a specific goddess form, such as Durga, Isis, Athena, or Brigid. (Thousands of female deities have been worshipped in every culture around the globe since the beginning of time.) Communing with a loving, motherly form of a Higher Power, who birthed the universe and oversees all that is, is an awesome experience. She’s relatable. She knows about birth, the cycles of the moon, the miraculous nature of the feminine body and spirit. Connecting with Goddess helps us to connect with and honor the miraculous, feminine aspects of our own body and spirit.

When I first heard of the notion of goddess worship and learned about ancient goddess-worshipping cultures, my entire being changed for the better. I became stronger, more self-esteem grew. I felt more confident to pursue a life I wanted. In the Rise of Venus series, I wish for you to receive the same empowering experience. In this series, you’ll meet women who are experts of various aspects of godess spirituality. The information they share will crack open your mind to a new way of thinking about religion, spirituality, the world we live in and yourself. They teach things you may not have known. Ultimately, they help you feel strong and proud that you’re a woman.   

Currently a few episodes of Rise of Venus are posted and I will continue to add episodes periodically. Perhaps they will provide a boost in your life and personal power! I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

With love and joy ~