Your Energetic Triangle


Your Energetic Triangle is comprised of your of sex, spirit and inner-strength energies.  This triad of potent essences is your energetic source of life and power. When it's healthy and balanced, your entire state of being is healthy and balanced.


Sexual energy
is life-force energy that is the source of your creativity, femininity and health.

Spiritual energy is the expression of your soul and natural-born gifts. It is also consciousness and connection with Universal Spirit.

Inner-strength energy is movement, momentum and fortitude to confidently bring your dreams to life. 

Our cultural conditioning often influences girls and women to disregard or disengage from their sex, spirit and inner-strength energies. This can cause energetic blocks and diminished energy that leads to feelings of unattractiveness, ineffectiveness and disconnection from our truest selves.

The Positive Energy Woman program provides energy processes from the East and West that revitalize and balance your Energetic Triangle. When your energy is charged and balanced, you feel and look radiant, exuberant, confident and alive!

Positive Energy Woman will help you:

Restore your sexuality.

Reconnect with your spirit.

Renew your inner strength.