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A documentary short-subject web series

Produced by Meloney Hudson

Coming Summer 2017

In the beginning, God was a woman. For eons Goddess was revered in her many forms by every culture around the world. Women, the givers of life, were held high esteem. But with the appearance of male-dominating cultures and their single male god, Goddess religions were destroyed and women were diminished to subservience. God has prevailed since. But a few decades ago, things began to change - Goddess began to make her return.

Rise of Venus is about the up-rise of the Women’s Spirituality Movement and its importance in America today.

The Women’s Spirituality Movement emerged during the Women’s Liberation Movement in the United States in the 1970s. The revival of ancient goddess doctrine provided an empowering, female-based avenue to those disenchanted with traditional male-focused religions. 40 years later, we examine the status of women’s spirituality in the United States and its presence in our consciousness and culture. Rise of Venus: The Power of the Women’s Spirituality Movement is a documentary, short-subject mini-series that explores this spiritual revolution and its impact on American women and society.  

In each episode of the series, host Meloney Hudson meets a pioneer of the Movement to explore her work and mission to raise consciousness of a feminine-based ideology. Meloney also speaks with goddess practitioners for their views on its importance for women and the world. Interviews with women and men, unfamiliar with goddess spirituality, capture the perceptions of goddess thealogy and its potential value in America today. 

Rise of Venus speaks to both goddess practitioners and goddess-curious. Its mission is to impart information about Women’s Spirituality, inspire the audience to learn, and affirm the value of the Divine Feminine in today’s world.

The series is produced by Meloney Hudson, who has been producing documentaries and commercials for more than 20 years. She was Associate Producer of Signs out of Time: The Story of Archaeologist Maria Gimbutas, with Producer/Director Donna Read. Meloney is the author of Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman and a teacher of women’s empowerment workshops that incorporate spiritual practices

Release date is early to mid-2017