Resolving the
Female Energy Crisis


Women of the Western world are the most privileged on earth. Yet a surprisingly large segment of us experience low energy, struggle, hopelessness, depression and a diminished sense of self.

We blame a number of things for our hardships, like finances, unharmonious relationships, physical appearance, job, and so much more.

But the things we blame are symptoms of the problem.

The real problem is a low energetic vibration.

Energy is more than just a physical state of being. It’s the life force that fuels every aspect of your existence. Its various essences make up who you are as an individual human being. It’s the very spirit that activates your flesh and bones.

When your overall energetic essence is low, blocked or imbalanced, you may feel inadequate, powerless, deflated and unloving of yourself, no matter how gifted and privileged you are. You may radiate low energy and not even know it. And since energy attracts like energy, you may call in people or opportunities that perpetuate your energetic status, and prevent you from getting ahead. Worse yet, you may even repel the good things that could take you to a higher level in your life

This is not your fault.  Your energy blueprint was developed throughout your life.

Very often, your energy imbalances and blocks are the results of your cultural conditioning. Even with the best of intentions, your parents, schools, religions and society taught you to behave in ways that may not be true to your nature. You may have been guided to squelch, dismiss or disconnect from the most essential parts of your female, energetic nature. This includes the most powerful parts of who you are: your sexuality, feminine spirit and inner-strength/power.

Perhaps you were influenced to fear or feel shame about your feminine sexual energy and physical body.

Maybe you weren’t taught about the feminine aspects of God/dess or the rich history of ancient goddess religions. Or you were distracted from exploring your own spiritual abilities or the depths of your soul. 

And because you were born into a female body, you may have been taught to act a certain way and to believe certain things about your mental and physical abilities, and were subtly stripped of your inner-strength and power.

All of these infuences may have diminished the potency of your truest essence. 

The good news is that you can recover from your conditioning!

Meloney Hudson is a teacher of women's empowerment workshops based on Tantric and Western principles and has made it her personal mission to empower women to sexy, spirited and strong, and positive influences on the planet.

By revitalizing your sex, spirit and inner-strength energies you can elevate your overall energetic vibration. Through a variety of proven technologies, your ‘energetic triangle’ of sex, spirit and inner-strength energies can be revitalized.

When you address the core of your energetic essence and raise your vibration can you create the positive, fulfilling life that you want, truly love all of your unique gifts, and attract positive people and opportunities.  

Energy Resolution: Positive Energy Woman offerings 

Through the various Positive Energy Woman materials and workshops, you'll discover your true energetic essences and revive the parts of yourself that have been buried.   

The Sexy, Spirited and Strong textbook, workbook and program provide practices and techniques to revitalize and balance your Energetic Triangle of sex, spirit and inner-strength energies. Your energetic radiance will greatly increase and you'll love yourself like never before!

Your authentic nature will emerge, and your self-love will heightened as never before. Your energetic vibration will rise to higher levels, empowering you to create the life you want and attract positive people and opportunities.

You’ll look and feel more beautiful, more radiant and more confident. You will become a sexy, spirited and strong Positive Energy Woman.

Meloney wants you to become one of the amazing women who radiates positive energy and creates a life that is fulfilling beyond your wildest dream!!