Yoni Yoga:
Advanced Practice with Sacred Egg

 A woman’s yoni (womb, vagina) is the avenue through which self-discovery and self-healing can occur. Discovering the dimensions of your yoni and enticing her abundant powers, you can expand and heal in ways that surpass traditional therapies.

Yoni Yoga addresses the physical, spiritual and energetic aspects of the yoni, through a variety of exercises and practices. The Yoni Yoga Advanced with Sacred Egg workshop takes healing a step further by introducing yoni egg practices The yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone of jade, obsidian or other semiprecious crystals, that is inserted into the vagina and used in pelvic exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and vagina and enhance overall health.

Yoni egg practices were used as early as 2000 years ago by Chinese royalty. At that time, great efforts were made to find the secrets of health, immortality, longevity and youthfulness. The Taoist energy practitioners of that time discovered that sexual energy, when properly used, could actually contribute to a healthier, more vital and youthful body and life. They gave birth to the yoni egg practice to amplify and balance sexual energy, while strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and vagina.

Crystal contains healing properties and acts as a conduit of energy. So when it is in the yoni, it both emits positive energies while absorbing stuck energy (often called ‘negative’ energy), thus balancing and healing the yoni. The yoni egg massages the vaginal walls, which can help to release stuck energy (as with a back massage, through which tight muscles are eased). The crystal helps to dissolve trauma and energy from past experiences that may be stuck in the vagina, and even manifesting outwardly through the rest of the body and in subconscious beliefs and attitudes. The egg practice can actually cause a tremendous shift in a body’s health and even one’s perceptions of self and life.

Today, the yoni egg is reemerging as an empowering and effective tool for strengthening, healing and empowerment. There are few options that can assist in the healing the inner sanctums of the vagina as stones can. 


Yoni egg practices are simple, and beneficial when used on a regular basis. They raise your awareness of your body, and challenge your muscles to make you a stronger, clearer, and more empowered woman. Body awareness contributes to your self-love and personal power. Energy building and healing will make you healthier and happier.

The benefits of the Yoni Yoga with Sacred Egg practice include:

  • Rejuvenation of vagina’s muscular tone, strength, and dexterity.
  • Enhanced strength of pelvic floor muscles
  • Increased blood circulation and oxygen to the vagina for improved vaginal and pelvic health
  • Deeper connection with your yoni, which enhances self-love and power
  • Gentle healing of emotions and stuck energy that are stored in the vagina
  • Reduction of menstrual cramps and PMS
  • Excellent for women who have just given birth to regain tone in vagina and pelvic floor.
  • Excellent for women experiencing menopause to regains strength and regulate the hormones.   

The Yoni Yoga Advanced with Sacred Egg workshop incorporates the practices from Level One, including pelvic movement, dance, meditation, Taoist and Tantric energy exercises and more. The experience is expanded with information about the Yoni egg, yoni egg vaginal exercises and energy purification practices.

The Yoni Yoga Advanced with Sacred Egg workshop is an opportunity to commune with like-minded sisters and share this fun exploration of self.

Prerequisite: It is advised that you attend at least one Yoni Yoga drop-in class, or study from the Yoni Yoga Practice Guide.  This provides the foundation needed to get the most from this advanced class. The Yoni Yoga Practice Guide is available at PositiveEnergyWoman.com