Yoni Yoga Practice Guide & CD - 2nd Edition

With more illustrations, information and exercises!


No matter what your age or stage of life, you can take charge of your physical, sexual and spiritual health and well-being through Yoni Yoga.

The Yoni Yoga Practice Guide escorts you through your journey to becoming healthier, radiantly beautiful, sexy, confident, and connected with your truest self.  

The Yoni Yoga Practice Guide provides information about the three vital aspects of your pelvis – energetic, physical and spiritual – and guides you through techniques that activate and balance each of those aspects. Easy and powerful Tantric and Taoist practices, such as mantra, meditation, the Sex Energy Activator, Transmutation Breath, and vaginal Easy Squeeze will awaken, strengthen, and prepare your pelvis and your entire body for a life of health, sexual pleasure and joy.  

The techniques in the Yoni Yoga Practice Guide are presented in easy-to-understand language for an enjoyable workout and great results. In the accompanying Yoni Yoga Practice CD, Meloney guides you through five techniques and meditations. It’s almost like being in her class!

You’ll feel energized after your very first session, and continued practice will result in a lifetime of benefits, such as: amplified sexual energy, stronger pelvic floor muscles for bladder control, stronger and more agile vagina for sexual pleasure, and much more.

The Yoni Yoga Practice Guide and Practice CD Set are available for only $14.95, plus shipping and handling. 

Purchase your Yoni Yoga Practice Guide and Practice CD today to start looking, feeling and being healthier, sexier and confident today!