Sourcing your sexual energy for Pleasure and Purpose!


There’s magic in your girly parts!  Your hips and vagina (yoni) not only tell the world “I’m a woman,” they also energize your entire being.

Yoni is the Sanskrit term for vagina, womb or “origin of life.” We typically think of our yoni and pelvis as the zone of sexual pleasure and potential habitat for new life. It’s also the source of life-force energy that fosters our overall physical health and well-being, electrifies our radiant beauty and sustains our sexual juice.  Furthermore, it’s a dwelling place of your feminine spirit.

Yoni Yoga is a holistic practice that activates your sexual, life-force energy through a flow of easy exercises derived from Tantric, Taoist and Western traditions. Simple movement, breathing, sound and pelvis-focused exercises amplify your overall energy, contribute to improved health and increase feelings of vitality and well-being.  They also improve the tone of your vagina and pelvis, so that you feel younger and more vibrant, enjoy better sex and exude a sexy glow. Furthermore, Yoni Yoga helps you connect with your own feminine spirit and with the Universal Feminine to enhance appreciation of your Self and all of life. And most important, it can improve your defenses against disease, so you’re actually taking charge of your health and well-being.

Yoni Yoga recognizes the multidimensional nature of the yoni and entire pelvic region
and addresses three vital aspects:

Energetic.   Sexual, creative life-force energy is generated in the yoni and pelvis and activates the entire body. This energy can be used to purify and revitalize the physical structure and systems.  It also exudes from the body as radiant, energetic beauty.  Your vibrant, feminine energy can help to balance the masculine energy that dominates the planet today.

Physical.  This encompasses the physical pelvic area, including reproductive organs, (vagina, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes), their supporting network of muscles and skeletal structure. The physical pelvis contains the energy center that generates and supplies life-force energy to the body.  The physical pelvis can also be utilized to pump up additional energy and move it to other areas of the body.

Spiritual.  This is the home of feminine spirit and the connection with the feminine aspects of the Universe. This is where sexual history lives. Your history may influence your spiritual nature, and likewise, your spirit may influence your sexual nature. When the spiritual aspect of yoni is awakened, a connection with your Self is established. This causes an increase of self-love and self-appreciation and intensifies your inner-power.

By attending to all three vital aspects of your yoni, positive changes occur in your body, mind and spirit. Yoni Yoga focuses on these three facets through a flow of exercises, derived from Tantric, Taoist and Western traditions that revitalize the physical strength and subtle-body energies of the Yoni.


Yoni Yoga benefits include:  

  • Strengthened and toned the sexual organs and muscles surrounding them.
  • Increased blood circulation and healing energy in the pelvic region.
  • Sexual energy transformed into healing energy to benefit the entire body.
  • Enhanced radiant, youthful beauty.
  • Revitalized feminine energy for feelings of sexiness and womanliness.
  • Deeper connection with yourself.
  • Increased love and appreciation of your Self.
  • Contribution of your feminine energy into the feminine collective, to help heal and balance the energy of the planet.

ALL women of all ages benefit from Yoni Yoga: sexually active, celibate, menopausal, post-birth, and any woman who wishes to remain youthful, feel sexy and improve her sexual and overall health.

 The yoni is one of the most sacred parts of a woman’s body.

Women have been performing sacred sexual pelvic ritual for millennia. Ancient religions worshipped the Great Goddess as creator of all life, and regarded Her, mortal women, and the yoni with great respect. Prehistoric art around the world, dating as far back as 30,000 BCE, depicting the vulva (most often with an inverted triangle shape) and the female body, represent their reverence and awe of feminine powers and the sacred yoni.  As civilization evolved, individual cultures worshipped their own goddesses of love, sexuality and fertility for their powers to manifest husbands and families.

Later in history, spiritual energy masters of Tantra and Taoist paths discovered the potent, life-giving energy that emanates from the yoni (and genital area of men), and developed methods to harness it to heal and revitalize the entire body for enduring youth and spiritual enlightenment.

Today, more and more people acknowledge the importance of our vital energy and its many benefits to the body and soul, and incorporate energy-building practices into their lifestyles.  Yoni Yoga is one such practice.

This form of Yoni Yoga was developed by Meloney Hudson.


Meloney birthed Yoni Yoga in 2012 following nearly 20 years of study of Tantra and Taoism, and discovering that honoring our most sacred, feminine physical attributes, and energizing them through various practices, are the keys to empowerment.

She incorporates pelvic techniques and other exercises to activate the physical, spiritual and energetic aspects of the yoni and pelvic region, for pelvic health and overall health and well-being.

Meloney also injects her knowledge of goddess spirituality and history into Yoni Yoga to expand our connection with the Universal Feminine and deepen our appreciation for our inner goddess and feminine natures.