Sourcing your sexual energy for Pleasure and Purpose!


There’s magic in your girly parts!  Your hips and vagina (yoni) not only tell the world “I’m a woman,” they also energize your entire being.

Yoni is the Sanskrit term for vagina, womb or “origin of life.” You might think of your yoni as a pleasure zone or potential habitat for new life, but it's so much more!  Your yoni is the origin of life-force energy that supports your health and well-being. It's the 'on-switch' to your radiant beauty. And its a source of empowerment!

Meloney birthed Yoni Yoga in 2012 following more than 20 years of study of Tantra, Taoism, and goddess spirituality, and experiencing the many benefits that result from yoni-honoring and energy-activating practices. She created Yoni Yoga to help women connect with their bodies and discover the healing and empowering facets of their sexual energy.

Yoni Yoga is a holistic practice that recognizes the multidimensional nature of the yoni and entire pelvic region. Three vital aspects are addressed: Energetic, Physical and Spiritual. By attending to all three vital aspects of the yoni, positive changes occur on a variety of levels.

Yoni Yoga benefits include:  

  • Strengthened and toned the sexual organs and muscles surrounding them.
  • Increased blood circulation and healing energy in the pelvic region.
  • Sexual energy transformed into healing energy to benefit the entire body.
  • Enhanced radiant, youthful beauty.
  • Revitalized feminine energy for feelings of sexiness and womanliness.
  • Increased love and appreciation for your feminine body and spirit.
  • Stronger connection with your True Self.
  • Heightened sexual pleasure.
  • Contribution of your feminine energy into the feminine collective, to help heal and balance the energy of the planet.

ALL women of all ages benefit from Yoni Yoga: sexually active, celibate, menopausal, post-birth, and any woman who wishes to remain youthful, feel sexy, increase her sexual pleasure and improve her sexual and overall health.

Experience radiant and balanced sexual energy, heightened self-love and self-honoring, and amplified personal power!

The yoni is one of the most sacred parts of a woman’s body.

Women have been performing sacred sexual pelvic ritual for millennia. Ancient religions worshipped the Great Goddess as creator of all life, and regarded Her, mortal women, and the yoni with great respect. Prehistoric art around the world, dating as far back as 30,000 BCE, depicting the vulva (most often with an inverted triangle shape) and the female body, represent their reverence and awe of feminine powers and the sacred yoni.  As civilization evolved, individual cultures worshipped their own goddesses of love, sexuality and fertility for their powers to manifest husbands and families.

Later in history, spiritual energy masters of Tantra and Taoist paths discovered the potent, life-giving energy that emanates from the yoni (and genital area of men), and developed methods to harness it to heal and revitalize the entire body for enduring youth and spiritual enlightenment.

Today, more and more people acknowledge the importance of our vital energy and its many benefits to the body and soul, and incorporate energy-building practices into their lifestyles.  Yoni Yoga is one such practice.