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Energetic Triangle:

Balanced & Vibrant Energy 











 Sexy, Spirited and Strong!

Become a Positive Energy Woman!

Restore your sexuality!

 Reconnect with your spirit!

 Renew your inner strength!

The mission of Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman is to help you recognize that you're a unique energetic being with an important role on the planet today.

The Sexy, Spirited and Strong textbook, workbook and program provide practices and techniques to revitalize and balance your Energetic Triangle of sex, spirit and inner-strength energies. Your energetic radiance will greatly increase and you'll love yourself like never before!

Meloney Hudson is a teacher of women's empowerment workshops based on Tantric and Western principles and has made it her personal mission to empower women to change themselves and popular perceptions of women for the betterment of the planet. Through the techniques offered in this insightful guidebook, women of every age and lifestyle will be inspired to feel loving, joyful, healthy, and capable of attracting and creating a beautiful destiny.