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Harness Your Yoni Power

Your hips and vagina (yoni) not only tell the world “I’m a woman,” they also energize your entire being.

Yoni is the Sanskrit term for vagina, womb or “origin of life.” You might think of your yoni as a pleasure zone or potential habitat for new life, but it's so much more!  Your yoni is the origin of life-force energy that supports your health and well-being. It's the 'on-switch' to your radiant beauty. And its a source of empowerment!

Yoni Yoga by Meloney Hudson is a holistic practice that recognizes the multidimensional nature of the yoni and entire pelvic region. Three vital aspects are addressed: Energetic, Physical and Spiritual. By attending to all three vital aspects of the yoni, positive changes occur on a variety of levels.

Yoni Yoga is a holistic practice that includes movement, pelvic-focused exercises, meditation and more, derived from Tantric, Taoist and Western traditions

Yoni Yoga’s energy-building, body-awakening and soul-loving practices help you get in touch with the most powerful and precious area on your body – your yoni (womb), the dwelling place of your sexual life-force energy.

ALL women of all ages benefit from Yoni Yoga: sexually active, celibate, menopausal, post-birth, and any woman who wishes to remain youthful, feel sexy, increase her sexual pleasure and improve her sexual and overall health.

Experience radiant and balanced sexual energy, heightened self-love and self-honoring, and amplified personal power!

Impressive Benefits:   

  • Strengthened and toned the sexual organs and muscles surrounding them.

  • Increased blood circulation and healing energy in the pelvic region.

  • Sexual energy transformed into healing energy to benefit the entire body.

  • Enhanced radiant, youthful beauty.

  • Revitalized feminine energy for feelings of sexiness and womanliness.

  • Increased love and appreciation for your feminine body and spirit.

  • Stronger connection with your True Self.

  • Heightened sexual pleasure.

  • Contribution of your feminine energy into the feminine collective, to help heal and balance the energy of the planet.


Yoni Yoga by Meloney

My mission is to empower women! Yoni Yoga is one way to do it.

I developed my personal form of Yoni Yoga because I believe our vaginas, vulvas and sexual energy are the sources of our greatest power.   

My studies of Tantra and Taoism introduced me to the power and sacredness of my sexual energy and feminine body.  I learned techniques that supported my physical body and enhanced my energy, which subsequently heightened my self-esteem, improved my health and well-being, expanded my experiences of pleasure and amplified my overall energy.  

Later, I was illuminated by my studies of ancient cultures and the reverence for goddesses, women, and the vulva.  I learned that the Great Goddess was worshipped as creator of all life, Prehistoric art depicting the vulva and the female body represent reverence and awe of feminine powers and the sacred yoni. Once again, my appreciation for my body took another leap.

I want to share what I gained with all women. So I created Yoni Yoga, with an amalgam of techniques and information to help you connect with your body and discover the healing and empowering facets of your sexual energy.

For this is the greatest source of self-love and empowerment.


Yoni Yoga class schedule

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Yoni Yoga Practice Guide, 3rd edition

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I didn’t know that I can be open and free and I love it
— I.L.
Thank you so much for the experience of opening up the womb channel.
— Susan H
I’m very happy to be able to have met you and taken your yoni class. I believe you have a natural gift of making a woman feel comfortable and confident in her own skin, simply by being in your presence and seeing it shine within yourself.
— Cassie M