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The book that changes everything!

Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman is the guide to help you achieve radiant energy and high self-esteem, and enable you to create the life you dream of and positively influence the vibration on the planet.

Written by Meloney Hudson, Sexy, Spirited and Strong offers insights and techniques from the East and West that revitalize and balance your sex, spirit and strength/power energies, also known as the Energetic Triangle. When balanced, your Energetic Triangle  generates self-love, and radiant energy that positively influences your world and the world around you.

Revitalizing and balancing your Energetic Triangle will help you to:

  • Get in touch with all aspects of your beautiful and unique SELF

  • Greatly Increase your feelings of sexiness and sexual radiance

  • Discover your soul’s desire and purpose

  • Enhance your power and inner-strength for greater confidence

  • Improve your perceptions of yourself, others and all of life

  • Feel radiantly beautiful!

  • Draw to you more positive people and opportunities than ever

  • Maintain feelings of joy and satisfaction, even when things aren’t going your way

  • Develop consciousness of your importance to the world

  • Help you to become a radiantly beautiful and vital woman with a purpose and enthusiasm for life!

See what Sexy, Spirited and Strong can offer you!
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Balance your Energetic Triangle

Your Energetic Triangle is comprised of your of sex, spirit and inner-strength energies. This triad of potent essences is your energetic source of life and power.

When it's balanced you'll feel sexier, connected with your true spirit and stronger!



I have been telling people about your book -- it is such a wonderful contribution to our planet. The philosophy is so important, and it works!

Miriam Robbins Dexter
Author, 'Wence the Goddess'

"Sexy, Spirited and Strong is a passionate testimonial about a wholesome outlook on life. The book outlines insights on sexuality, spirituality and self-realization. Meloney Hudson’s writing is intimate and engaging, a journey into the depths of a feminine soul. "

Michael A Rizzotti 
Author, 'Gods, Goddesses, Myth and Metaphor'

Sexy, Spirited and Strong is a valuable source of information and instruction for any woman who wants to have more energy and lovingrelationships in her life. Read this book and do the exercises and you'll fall in love with YOU!

Lori Buckley, Psy.D., CST 

Because of limited time, I am reading it a little at a time. The richness of it calls for savoring. I find it powerful. There is so much in your book, Meloney. It is a major energy field of thought, feeling & learning. I admire the way you are using research (Gimbutas/Eisler etc) to strengthen your positions. Yet, adding yourself in the work too. It is a challenge to present in depth materials woven with personal experience. Wow. You are doing it.

Richard Asimus
Tantra Heart


Enlightened, Wise & Practical. While reading Meloney Hudson's wise book, "Sexy, Spirited and Strong," I felt like I had privileged access to the incredible knowledge that she certainly took much time and effort to accumulate. Hudson puts together into one book history, concepts and helpful exercises that I think would be valuable to any woman. Along the way Hudson tells personal anecdotes that tell me this woman is for real. Her line drawings not only illustrate points, but are absolutely enchanting. I couldn't wait to stumble upon the next one as I turned the pages. I can't help thinking how great it would be for men to also read this book.

Julie Nadezna


I’m so happy I purchased your book. There have been many times that I’ve paged through it randomly and always found a spot of light.

Victoria I.


Wow, I am impressed! It's been living on my dining table and I open it up and it's always the perfect place to start at that moment. Lots of  other women ( and some men ) have been really enjoying it and getting 
"turned on" too.


I LOVE this book! There really is such a thing as serendipity! Meloney's book speaks directly to my growing interests and my current state of being - and it's exactly what I've needed for this particular time in my life. I heartily recommend it to every woman I know!

Catie M

You have amazing energy. In fact, just after your book signing, I managed to treat myself to several of the best orgasms I have ever had in my life! Your energy is truly magnetic.