* Positive Energy is Success

We get a lot of pressure – from society, from our families, and especially from ourselves -  to be successful.  Success is often associated with high-level positions and solid careers, nice cars, beautiful clothing, ownership of a home or property, and at the very least, a steady stream of decent income. But often these are symbols of success and not necessarily true success.  Often these symbols disguise what is really happening to “successful” people – complete stress, disease, tremendous sadness, emptiness.   


I believe true success is much deeper than the superficial symbols of success.  The symbols of true success are:

1)  Joyfulness (i.e. positiveness) with where you are right now, at this minute.

2)  Excitement in becoming the best you can be in this lifetime on this planet.

3)  Enthusiasm for life’s journey.


If we are on a path of self discovery, constantly learning, maintaining an open mind, and applying what we learn and love to what we do in life, THAT is success.  And as we become inspired and express our inspirations through our work, our creations, or even our conversations, we evolve and grow more. THAT is success. Being joyful with what you’ve created so far in life, and using every day to explore, listen, and grow even more, and LOVING it is true success.


A Positive Energy Woman has a joyful and positive vibration, no matter what her circumstance, and is a successful woman.  She has ‘arrived’ and attained all of the things we hope to feel when we have the house, the beautiful clothing and nice car – high self-worth, a sense of achievement, and the great joy of expressing what is within. She feels joyful whether she’s driving an old Honda or a Mercedes.  She’s healthy, got a great attitude, a zest for life. She has the vibe of success. Her positive energy will attract opportunities, people, and a sense of well being.   


So you are successful right NOW.  And now that you know it, take success a couple of steps further. 

-  Appreciate all that you’ve created, all of the wonderful people around you, all of the potential opportunities in store for you

- Be generous with your positive energy, and smile, give love, give support to others.      


Have a successful day!