Sexy does not come in a pill

I recently watched an infomercial that hawked a pill to help increase a woman's libido.  The half-hour ad promised that this ingestible would  increase a woman's sexual desire and make her feel tingly all over.  I watched in fascination the "before and after" images of young women going from bored to bonkers with their partners.   Wow.  Perhaps it's true that many of us are so overworked and undernourished that our libidos are down.  But do we really need a pill to feel sexy and turned on?  Will $39.95 a month (with a free bonus if you call now) really help us increase our hunger for our partners and feel adequate as lovers?

What if I told you we can get our groove back on our own?  That we have everything we need already within us to feel sexy, to rev up our sexual energy and to increase our desire for our partners?   I offer you a couple of things that will help you feel jucier, and they take about as much time as "calling the operator now."   Try these libido-enhancing tips and see what you think!

1)  Put on some rhythmic music and dance sensually!  Move your body with sexy movements by focusing on the pelvis, rocking it back and forth, and side to side.  Stretch your body as you move the spine, gently undulating as if you are a snake.  Touch your body softly with your hands to feel the contours of your muscles, your breasts, and your face, and be aware of the silkiness of your skin.  Close your eyes, and feel the music possess your entire being.  Breathe heavily and allow yourself to moan.  Dance for as long as you like (you may want to continue for hours!), but do so for at least 15 minutes.  Movement of this nature will help you get in touch with your feminine sensuality and generate sexual energy.  You'll feel sexier, and that feeling will stay with you for a long period of time.  So when you see your partner, there will be no need for him to make you feel sexy, you've already gotten there on your own.  Consider dancing with your partner, too.  Slow dance is a turn-on.

2)  Be fully present with your partner.  How you can you feel desireous of your partner when you barely look at each other during the week?   Take time from your busy schedules to consciously connect.  Stand or sit face to face with each other and gaze into each other's eyes.  Sit and bask in each other's beauty.  Take a moment to appreciate the things that you adore about your partner, but seem to forget as you spin through your hyperactive life.   Then hug.  Allow yourselves to melt into each other's arms and bodies, feeling each other breathe.  That's all.  Sit, gaze, appreciate, hug and breathe.  Forget about your list of things to do during this precious time.  This takes only a few minutes, and chances are being fully-present with your partner will boost your desire and feelings of sexiness, and the connection you create may improve the way you relate overall. 

3)  Don't feel pressured to have sex, but pursue the joy of sensuality and a deep connection.  Yes, sex is a natural, beautiful expression of love, but just because you don't have sex or feel like having sex doesn't mean you can't feel sexy or enjoy a sexy relationship.  Some of our sexiest moments can take place while we're fully clothed.  By merely focusing fully on our partner and consciously experiencing every nuance of his or her being, including scent, the tactile feeling of skin, the pressure of bodies pressing during a hug, the essence of the soul that dwells beyond the eyes  - - -  your feelings of passion and sensuality will grow.  Experiences of this kind, without or with sex, will increase desire for your partner, and strengthen your connection.

Now this is sexy.  And there's no need to "call now for a free month's supply."