Giving Energy as Service

Yesterday I went to the hospital to visit my girlfriend, Heather, who had just undergone surgery in the morning.  I entered her room, I stood over her bed as she slept, my hands raised over her to give her energy. I could feel the tingly sensations in my hands, not sure if it was my own energy radiating outwardly, or if it was her energy that I was feeling. After a couple of minutes, she abruptly woke up and turned to look at me. I was surprised that she could feel my presence, especially while woozy from sedatives and pain killers.


Heather is a very aware and conscious being, and prior to her hospital trip, she had reached out to her friends to ask for good energy to be sent her way during her surgery. She also asked friends to come visit her the first day or two after surgery to touch her, as she instinctively knew the tactile and energetic contact would ease her pain. After Heather woke up and acknowledged me, she asked me to crawl into bed with her to touch and hold her. Though feeling a bit awkward, as I’d never been in a hospital bed before let alone crawl into an infirmed person’s bed, I positioned myself gently against her body. For the next hour I gently stroked Heather’s hair, back, arms, and neck with my fingertips and palms. I didn’t do any kind of focused concentration for healing, such as a Reiki master would, but rather just felt my heart filled with love and appreciation for Heather and her sweet physical form, and allowed myself to enjoy the energy that merged between my fingertips and Heather’s skin. I dipped into a state of quiet, and while tracing her skin with my fingers I basked in a peaceful, semi-conscious trance that so greatly contrasted my hectic and demanding day. I felt as soothed as I hoped Heather would feel. How healing it was for me to be with Heather. I realized that while my original intention was to serve my friend, it was actually she providing me with the gift of an energetic experience.


Serving a friend in need with your positive energy is a two-way gift, as often you will receive as much healing pleasure from the experience as you intend to give. While often we think of giving energy or receiving energy, it is really a precious and mutually-beneficial exchange. So you want to feel good? Go out and give someone your energy today.