* Creating a New Tradition for Men

Last night I had the honor of facilitating an event that I hope becomes an American tradition – a Tantric bachelor’s party. Envisioned by the groom ’s friend, a conscious man on his own mission to up-level the vibration of the planet, the intention was to create a sacred send-off for the journey of marital union.


Acknowledging the significance of the feminine presence at a traditional bachelor’s milestone event, which has taken the form of strippers, last-chance pickups at dance clubs, or the women popping out of cakes, the host wished to shift the paradigm and invite a different kind of feminine into the celebration – the divine feminine as a conduit of high vibrational energy. Needless to say, I was greatly honored to have been invited to represent this feminine presence in this sacred celebration. Instead of shots of alcohol, sexual teasing, flirting and pushing the envelope with sexually, we created a ritual space of honor, acknowledgement, radiant energy, and deep connection.


Incorporating ancient traditions of mantra to invoke the sacred Masculine, movement, including a focus on the pelvis, the seat of sexual energy, and breathing to transmute the energy, we charged our bodies and the room with high spirit, and sent it out to the world.


I then focused my attention on the groom to be with heart-opening and connection techniques – eye gazing, breathing, and energetic touch, gestures he can share with his beloved. I enjoyed this sacred energy exchange greatly, feeling the preciousness of this man’s soul, feeling greatly privileged to be invited to connect on such a deep level. The men followed with heart-felt words of respect, honor and appreciation, with their loving energy radiated toward him through hands and heart. At the completion of our ritual, under the influence of blissful, divine energy, we broke out in dance to a rhythmic song with didgeridoo and drums, and formed a line in which we could all exhibit our joyful movement skills.  


The groom expressed appreciation to his friends, and acknowledged an opening to his fellows. As with many strong men, a connection and surrender to other men had not been a part of his paradigm. But this ceremony cut through that, and softened him to receiving to their love and support. This being the intention of the host, we all felt very joyful for such an awakening.


I felt alive, graced, blessed and privileged to have participated in this sacred ritual with these beautiful men, these divine masculine souls. It becomes more and more evident to me the energy of a Positive Energy Woman can, indeed, up-level the energy of people and the planet. I envision that celebrations of this nature become one of our new traditions for a better world.


I would like to share with you the outline of this ritual. If you’re interested in receiving it, please email info@positiveenergywoman.com. It’s suitable for any occasion and easily changeable for your own special ceremony.


Love and Blissings!