* Greetings, Radiant DeLIGHT!

How would you like to feel beautifully vibrant and irresistibly attractive?  Radiant with delicious, sexy energy?  Exuberant with love for yourself and others? Confident and capable of bringing forth the gifts within you?  Positively joyful about yourself, others and all of life?

You CAN!  And we're offering the secrets to enhancing these feelings through a FREE Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman "Tips & Tricks" tele-workshop, scheduled on Monday, September 21 from 5:30 to 6:30pm PST.  You are invited to participate.

This tele-workshop introduces the principles revealed in the newly-released book Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman, which offers practices and information to rejuvenate your Energetic Triangle and boost your self-love.

Everywoman can become a Positive Energy Woman by revitalizing her sex, spirit and strength/power energies  - which form the Energetic Triangle - and thus increasing self-love.  Only by appreciating all aspects of herself can a woman create a truly joyful life and influence positive change. 

This tele-workshop is for any woman who suffers from any of these feelings:

  • Powerful in the workplace, but unfeminine or unattractive.

  • Insecure in the professional world.

  • Feminine and sexy, but not taken seriously or respected.

  • Not sexy or attractive.  Invisible or unloveable.

  • Inspired with ideas and dreams, but stymied to bring them to fruition.

  • Empty of ideas and unsure of her purpose.

  • Highly self-critical and negatively about the self.

An unbalanced Energetic Triangle can cause a woman to question her value and will often diminish her self-esteem.  This tele-workshop offers information, techniques and practices from the East and West to revitalize and balance the Energetic Triangle, including:

  • Identifying self-esteem bandits and instantly boosting self-esteem.

  • Attracting positive people and opportunities by increasing your positive energy.

  • Enhancing your radiance as a sexy, loving and beautiful woman.

  • Tapping into the energetic field of spirit to assist and guide you.

  • Improving your confidence by identifying your gifts and purpose.

A Positive Energy Woman is enthusiastic, exuberant and confident, and contributes to raising the vibration of the entire planet! 

To sign up for the tele-workshop, reply to this post with your request, or contact info@positiveenergywoman.com.  Call-in information will be sent to you.

Get Ready for a Positve Shift!

Please forward to friends whom you think may benefit from this opportunity!

Positively Yours ~