* Wanted: Contemporary Goddesses, Wise Women and Shaman

In most ancient, pre-patriarchal cultures, goddesses were worshipped for their blessings and powers to create abundance, fertility, health and overall well-being.  Early priestesses facilitated ritual to harness and raise the energy of the worshippers and send it to the goddesses and Great Mother.  At the center of many settlements lived the Wise Women, held in high esteem for their intuitive guidance.  Shaman, most often women, were called upon for their divine abilities of physical healing and reality shifting.  All of these women employed their divine gifts and worked with cosmic energy to create peace, health, abundance and well-being for their community.    

Today the world needs goddesses, priestesses, Wise Women and Shaman more than ever.  And YOU are perfectly suited for the job.  No training necessary – you already have the skills you need.  Women who feel small and unpowerful, it’s time to give up the smallness and grow into your fullness.  The world desperately needs you, and it’s time to come forth with all of your positive, feminine energy, nurturing, love, and wisdom to help bring balance to what seems to be a time of quiet desperation, as the economy falters and fear arises in everyone.  If you’ve ever felt that the state of the world is out of your hands and that you have no power to make change, please release that notion. 

Take the position of a goddess, priestess, wise woman, and/or shaman, and know that you have the powerful influence to alter the direction of a paradigm and bring good to the planet.  Believe that your energetic influence can change negative perceptions, and that you can help to instill new, positive ones.  Your energy DOES matter.  YOUR positive energy can help people feel better, stabilize the economy, influence prosperity to your own life and others, and make this an era of creativity and possibility, rather than doom and gloom.  YOU are a powerful, divine woman!!  YOU are a feminine emanation of the Highest Power, and a part of Its cosmic, energetic field. You are a drop out of the Divine Ocean of creativity, love, expression, intuition, healing, guidance and so much more. It’s time to put it to work. 

You possess the tools needed to create and send positive energy into the energetic field.  I humbly suggest they be practiced every day.  If all positive energy women pooled together their positive thoughts and actions, change will be influenced, abundance crated, courage increased among the masses.  Here are but a few easy, but powerful, tools you can use:

1.  A positive attitude.  It’s easy to fall prey to negative thinking, especially when those around us stew in fear and victim consciousness.  Consciously resist.  Challenge yourself to rise above the negativity and think positive thoughts about work, income, the future, relationships, etc.  Know that your 3-Dimensional world is but a tiny segment of a beautiful, infinite cosmos and grand design. No matter how bad things seem to appear, no matter how frightening the news is, at the moment, our planet is somewhat stable.  Know it is a time of great opportunity, a time to reevaluate our lives and gifts and how we wish to put them out into the world.  Remember that more millionaires were established during the Great Depression than any other time in history.  Even though things seem to be changing out of our control, know that this is a time of transformation and opportunity, and no matter how frightening it may seem now, once the shake-down is over things will be in the perfect, right place. 

2.  Gratitude. No matter how dire things seem to be, focus on the abundance of wonderful things around you.  Be grateful for your health, tools, home, education, skills, friends, community – everything you can think of.  I know it may seem difficult if you’re out of work and can’t find a job, but be grateful for the work you did have, for the skills  you’ve gained over the years, for the fact that we live in a country built on free enterprise and we can create our own jobs, that there ARE jobs out there. Be grateful that we live in a country where help is supplied if needed, unlike many places around the globe where governments are heinously corrupt, and services of any nature are unheard of.

3.  Divine right action.  Don’t be complacent and just watch the world swirl around you.  Take action – with your own life and with others, such as honing your inner gifts and skills, and making connections with like-minded people, and offering your services.  Become active in your communities, be they spiritual, professional, or special interest, and support them with your physical energy, money, leadership and ideas.  

4.  Commune with the Highest Power.  Pray with gratitude.  Ask for guidance and strength. And/or affirm that you have all the strength and wisdom to move through every obstacle and challenge.  Talk with God/dess throughout the day.  Express gratitude every chance you can – when you open the refrigerator and see food, for your car that still runs, for the pennies you find on the ground, for your friends.  The world is an abundant place, and though things are changing, there is a tremendous amount of good that continues to happen every day. 

5.  Know this is cyclical and it will resolve itself. Most of us have lived through many times of economic break-down, and somehow we survived, and then thrived as things picked back up. Through every down-turn comes plenty of negativity, doom and gloom, yet it is all forgotten as prosperity once again reigned.  No doubt, we’ll move through this one.