* How to Look Good Naked

I recently discovered a very positive and fun television show for women - How to Look Good Naked.  On a refreshing mission to help women improve perceptions of their bodies, I was gleefully mesmerized within the first 10 seconds of streaming an episode of this Lifetime series on hulu.com.


Opening with a male host walking down the street followed by a group of women, he exclaimed, “I’m here to start a perception revolution. Join me if you think beauty extends beyond size zero. Come along with me if you don’t want to be like four out of five women who hate their bodies. Unite if you’re ready to turn body loathing into body loving.”  OMG!  A show with a Positive Energy mission! 

Fashion expert Carson Kressley (who made his initial splash on the Bravo Network’s “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”) hosts the show and coaches women to help them “unlearn terrible self-image,” and “not only love her body, but flaunt it – naked!”  In this episode, Layla was his project. With a sincerely caring and supportive demeanor, Carson uses a variety of tactics to put into perspective this woman’s distorted perceptions of her body.

In one eye-opening perception exercise, Carson invited Layla to a room with a line-up of six women, arranged from smallest hips to largest, and asked Layla to place herself where she thought she fit in, according to her hip size. Layla place herself between two women on the higher end of the inch scale. Surprise, surprise, Carson placed her where she actually fit in, second from the thinnest woman.  A great illustration of how inaccurate our self image can be.

Through the show, Carson accompanied Layla through a bra fitting (she normally wore a 36C, but was introduced to a properly-fitted bra, a 36E [and by the way, 85% of women wear the wrong size]), and a wardrobe search for her most flattering styles, and a hair cut for a new sophisticated look. Through each process, and with Carson’s cheering on and assurances, Layla’s self-image improved, and by the fifth day, she was confident enough for a nude photo shoot (PG-rated.)

I couldn’t stop smiling as I watched the subdued and weepy woman with low self-esteem transform into a sassy, confident and radiant being who loved herself.  And I loved watching this man, who judges Miss USA and Miss Universe Beauty Pagents, instill self-love in an everyday woman.

And yes, while beauty is far deeper than skin and clothing, feeling good about the way we look is part of our positive package. And perhaps Layla’s time with Carson was but the beginning of a whole new chapter for Layla. For all we know, her new-found confidence launched her in areas she never dreamed of.

For a half-hour of women-postive entertainment, watch How To Look Good Naked.  It was one of Lifetime’s most popular shows in the 2008 season.