* Sexy Service for the Planet

During this time of planetary transformation, we could all use a good dose of sexy. This enigmatic force that stimulates, titillates and excites may make our evolutionary journey more joyful and possibly influence a brighter outcome.  

     We normally think of sexy as a physical display to attract a sexual partner. But authentic ‘sexy’ is a positive, energetic vibration that emanates from the body and passionately embraces the entire universe and everyone in it as the eternal beloved. Those who come into contact with a sexy person are uplifted into a state of joy and become beacons of a higher vibration themselves, their own luminosity beaming to the next person, until the entire community is infused with a loving and joyful overtone.  

     A sexy woman doesn’t worry about pushup bras and heels. She adorns herself with a smile, an open-heart, non-judgment and full-presence, and establishes a soulful connection with each person she meets. Her genuine charisma turns heads, intrigues and inspires.

     Sexy isn’t a divine gift possessed by only a few special women –  all women have it. ‘It’ is raw, sexual energy, which resides in the pelvis and vagina, which can be boosted into powerful, personal energy and a positive, interpersonal influence with a couple of simple techniques. These techniques were developed centuries ago by Tantric arts practitioners, who discovered that harnessing and guiding one’s own physical energy, particularly sexual energy, will purify the body and prepare it to unite with the divine. The resulting, energetic radiance transcends the physical and encompasses the ethereal, and envelops both the practitioner and those around her with feelings of peace and love.

     For women, techniques include pumping the muscles of the pelvis and vagina to stimulate the energy and using focused breath to distribute it through the body. The following simple exercises, based on these Tantric techniques, provide a fun way for you to fully experience your feminine body, and generate your energy, boost your sexiness and become a heavenly influence on the planet.     

 Squeeze and Release

     This easy vaginal exercise can be performed anytime and anywhere – at work, while driving or talking on the telephone.

     Inhale through the nose to fill lungs. Once full, tightly squeeze the vaginal and anal muscles and hold for 10 seconds. Exhale slowly while gently releasing the muscles until completely relaxed. Wait five seconds, then repeat.

     Perform 10 times total, several times a day.

 Dance with Hip Thrusts and Breath

     Dance to rhythmic music and fully engage the pelvis by thrusting the hips forward and tilting back, moving to the beat.

     When the hips are thrust forward, squeeze the vaginal muscles tightly and exhale saying “ooh,” the sound to stimulate sexual energy. Tilt hips back so that buttocks stick out, inhale through the nose and relax vaginal muscles. Thrust forward again. Continue the thrust and tilt, fully experiencing the movement of your hips. Verbalize “ooh” with each thrust. Rub your hands sensually over your body as you dance. Proceed until you feel sexually aroused.     

     At this time, stand still, inhale through the nose and visualize the energy moving from the vagina into the body. Hold the breath and squeeze vaginal muscles tightly. Hold for as long as is comfortable. Release the breath and relax vaginal muscles. Repeat the breath process six more times.

     Perform several times a week.