* Fantasy Creates Reality

I tend to read only non-fiction books, mostly on subjects of women’s history, spirituality and a sprinkle of business. Feeling like there’s so much to learn in so little time, I rarely read non-fiction. So when I friend asked me to read and comment on her first romance novel, I hesitated, but then agreed.  How glad I am that I made that decision, for I learned an important lesson, which I’d like to share with you.

From the start, I became immersed in the beautifully-written adventure of a woman’s self-discovery, facilitated by two men –  her loyal boyfriend and her mystical teacher. Driven by a plethora of zesty, sexy scenes that illustrate the many dimensions of love, I found myself most excited by the exchanges between the main character and her teacher, a master of energetic exchange. Completely engrossed by words I never find in my usual book fare, I clearly envisioned the action, and felt myself enjoying the emotions, passion and magic shared between the characters.  I found myself replacing the main character with me, and as I read about their eye gazing, passionate kisses and intimate connection, I actually experienced it on a visceral level. Throughout my days of reading, I felt the same excitement and energetic boost that I feel when attracted to a living being.  

Which lead me to a great awakening; fantasy is as important as reality. Quantum physics tells us that our thoughts become things, and in my case, my mind’s-eye pictures of a sexy, energetic exchange with a romantic man stimulated a true physical and energetic reaction; my serotonin raised, libido increased, my mood heightened to a joyful level - all of the wonderful things that happen with an attraction to a living human being.

Scientific studies reveal that love and sex help us remain healthy and youthful. I believe we can achieve similar emotional, physical and spiritual benefits through a fantasy beloved as with the real thing.  So if a romantic relationship eludes you, don’t fret – the feelings of love and excitement from a beloved are but a thought away. With or without a romance novel, falling in love with a figment of your imagination will help you feel sexy, healthy and joyfully radiant! 

By the way, the novel that inspired this fantasy talk is A Wicked Awakening by Calinda B.  The ebook is available and highly recommended!!