* The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur

Women are making an impact in the marketplace: statistics show that women-owned businesses are more profitable than ever, and women are starting small businesses at twice the rate of men. As business owners, women are more inclined to offer benefits, such as flextime, tuition reimbursement and profit-sharing than male-run businesses.  But the capital funding that women receive in their first year of business is grim.  And only 10% of tech startup companies are established by women.  The fascinating and interesting poster below, sponsored by OnLineBusinessDegree.org,  illustrates statistics of  the ‘Rise of the Female Entrepreneur’ poster.

Luckily Female-focused ‘Incubators’, or organizations with a mission to mentor and launch women entrepreneurs, especially in the areas of high tech, are starting to blossom.  Women Innovate Mobile, Resources for Women-Owned Businesses and Women 2.0 are three Incubators, whose hearts and souls are women, men and sponsoring companies who provide information, programs and guidance to the aspiring high-tech industrialists.

I feel tremendous gratitude for the women who are willing to be positive role models and mentors for our up and coming female business owners, and honor the men and sponsoring companies for their support of women's equality in the business world.



Meloney Hudson