* Positive Effects of Devolving through Nature

Survival of the human species depends upon our respect and appreciation of nature. We can evolve only if we first devolve.

Generally speaking, our society is suffering from nature deficiency. Our addiction to high technology, materialism and social success are keeping us indoors and distracting us from what is real – our multidimensional and sensual natural world.  And we’ve forgotten who we are at the deepest level; a unique creation in the grand scheme of nature itself. We ceased to realize that the natural world is the real world and that our personal world exists only in our head. We think we’re ‘evolved,’ ‘sophisticated,’ and ‘civilized,’ yet so many of us feel empty, depressed and devoid of life’s meaning. 

I believe the panacea for the world’s malaise and the most vital action for human evolution is to devolve and reawaking our primal reverence for nature. By observing life with the sanctity our ancestors once had, we can advance humanity and become a species of greater joy and harmony. By devolving, we gain proper perspective of who we are and how we fit in the grand scheme of life, and thus rendering us happier, healthier, more self-loving toward ourselves and others.  Scientific studies prove that time in nature, or just observing nature, can increase positive chemicals in our brain, reduce blood pressure, and generally improve a sense of well-being.

Ancient societies honored terrestrial and celestial gifts. They connected with nature’s heartbeat, not as a practice, but as a way of life, and not only lived by the rivers and on the hillsides, but became one with them and fully experienced their own essence within the macrocosm of natural wonders. They listened for messages in the wind, found strength in the rocks, and obtained healings from etheric realms. Eons ago there was no war, but cooperation among the tribes to thrive and evolve.

Contemporary, devolved humans are appreciative spectators of nature’s phenomenon. Devolving is as easy as expanding our senses and focusing our attention on the simple beauty surrounding us. The opportunities for incremental devolution are endless. At sunrise, imagine you’re part of a Paleolithic celebration among rock monoliths as the sun passes over the pinnacle monument. Upon the sight of gardens and fields, feel the visceral joy of a festival in honor of the goddess of grain. Rather than sit inside of a church or temple on Sundays, gather under a grove of trees to merge with earth’s spirit.

Nature is elemental, energetic and spiritual. A blade of grass isn’t just grass, but a complex creation of chemistry and soul. Space is a constellation-filled sky, as well as a cloud of atoms within a molecule. When we acknowledge the crickets’ nightly orchestra, the trees’ passion to purify and the mountains’ reminders of our diminutive status in the cosmic plan, peace fills our cells and lightens our spirit. 

If you can, go outside tonight and stargaze for a moment and allow yourself to be infused with the peaceful beauty of nature’s wonders.  Let the stardust energy from the billions of sparkling spheres expand your perceptions of your life and the world. Take your place in the celestial field and know that you, too, are a star of perfection.