* Women's History Class for Rush Limbaugh

With two words, Limbaugh proved that he is an unevolved, unenlightened man who is fearful, if not disdainful, of women and their innate nature. He represents the patriarchal network that is digging in their heels to maintain control over women and perpetuate outmoded concepts of how women should act and be. 

Childishly calling Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law School student who was denied the right to state a case for women at the Congressional contraception hearing, a 'slut' and a 'prostitute,' Limbaugh exemplifies the very myopic way in which church-raised, conservative men perceive women's sexuality - as something that is dirty, evil and sinful.  In their patriarchal eyes, sluts and prostitutes are akin to the devil. In fact, Limbaugh's remark has little to do with a law that requires insurance companies to cover birth control pills, but is an unbridled, negative opinion of women in general. Blatantly disregarding Sandra’s education, her status in the community and an eloquent advocacy for women’s empowerment, he focused on what he believes to be an unsavory aspect of women – that they are sexual creatures who wish to control the timing of their own pregnancies. 

Limbaugh, it’s time for you and all of your misguided conservative cronies to wake up to who women really are, and get used to the idea that we women are rising into a powerful force and accepting our true natures, no matter what names you call us, and no matter how much you try to suppress us.  You may as well learn to love, respect and accept us as the sexy, creative and expressive beings that we are.  

So, I’d like to give you a history lesson, Rush, about how your opinion about women was formed in the first place.  Here we go. 

First of all, women are naturally sexual creatures.  It is women’s nature to dance, move her body, exude a vibration of love, adoration and sensuality. And before patriarchal religions infiltrated our human life and social laws, women’s sexuality was celebrated. Women were considered the vehicle to enlightenment, and men revered female sexual energy. Priestesses represented the Higher Power and through which Goddess gave her blessings, and men approached women in reverence. In some cultures, men sexually united with women in ritual as the ultimate spiritual path to connect with Goddess. 

Once patriarchal religions forced their way into our cultures, sex became sacrilege rather than sacred. Very different definitions were applied to women; sexually active women and priestesses were labeled harlots. Women who expressed sensuality were ostracized and as whores and ‘dirty.’  God-fearing men, who had no tolerance for their expressive behaviors, destroyed them.  (For centuries, Christians called Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ best friend and closest confidant, a ‘prostitute,’ when nowhere in the entire Bible is fact indicated.)  Christian and Jewish laws said that the only safe place a woman could be sexual was within marriage. If a woman was discovered to have had sex prior to or during marriage, she was stoned to death and the man left unharmed, a practice that still endures in some parts of the world. Male god religions trained their people to believe that sex was wrong, bad, shameful. Women were forced to extinguish their sexual fire, and that essential aspect of women was controled by social and religious laws. 

In ancient days, midwives, herbalists and other women managed their birth control with herbs and other practices. But during their Crusade of Witches, sponsored by the Catholic Church in the Medieval era, those women were considered consorts of the devil and were burnt at the stake. In fact, hundreds of thousands of women (some believe millions) who exhibited a broad spectrum of innately feminine talents and expressions, including artistic, intuitive, emotional and sexual, were tortured and put to death. Ancient secrets of women’s health, birth control and spirituality were obliterated.

The patriarchy forbade women to attend school or work outside of the home, let alone practice medicine. Women were to stay home and have children. Men became the doctors.  Herbs were verboten. Without the ancient, traditional birth control methods, women were at the mercy of nature, and many women gave birth to far too many children, rendering far too many mothers emotionally and physically incapacitated, and the men financially overdrawn.

I could go on and on about our history, but let’s fast forward to today.  Here are a few facts about today's contemporary world:

1)  Our culture is changing and patriarchal ways no longer works. The fire inside of women is stoked and we are taking a stand for our sexual lives. We are not going to suppress our natural instincts and our sensual nature.  Women who are able to express their true natures are healthier and happier. We are also smarter about sex. And get this - not every woman who is sexually active is promiscuous! Most women honor their bodies more than you think. 

2)  Women who use birth control are being responsible for their lives.  They know they don’t want children, and they’re intelligent enough to know birth control pills equal no pregnancy, no babies. In fact, you should be happy that women wish to use birth control!

3)  Birth control pills are expensive, at a cost of nearly $60 a month.  For women in any relationship status - married, single, monogamous or polyamorous - this is a lot of money.    So if a woman wants to avoid pregnancy but can’t afford it, shouldn’t we help? Birth control is a lot cheaper than government programs that feed and care for children. Right?   

4)  The abstinence programs in schools didn’t work, and they were expensive.  So just pretend that the funds from those programs are going into birth control programs.

5)  By the way, this law to cover birth control pills helps men, too. In many relationships, men are footing the bill to prevent pregnancy.

6)  Hey, you don’t want women to have abortions, but you don’t want birth control to be assessable, either.  This is a classic example of men wanting to control every aspect of woman’s sexuality and health.

So, Rush, get with the times.  No matter how much the patriarchal conservative posse wants to dominate society and control women, feminine power is on the rise. Calling us names won’t keep us down, and it certainly isn’t doing anything to make you guys look good. It’s time to evolve, Rush, and accept, respect and appreciate the dynamic aspects of women!