* Positive Energy Women support documentary production

With swaying hips, meditation and laughter, a group of San Diego women and I created positive energy in support of the documentary film Dancing with N.E.D.  Sponsored by intuitive healer Robin Lee, who was top bidder of an auction to raise post-production funds for the film, the two hour Positive Energy Woman workshop provided the opportunity for sisterly communion and sharing of energy practices, including exercises for yoni (vaginal) health. It was fantastic, truly positive event for a very important project.

Dancing with N.E.D. documents the lives of six surgeons, who by day specialize in gynecological cancers, including ovarian and uterine, and by night perform as a rock and roll band to heighten awareness of the deadliest diseases of women worldwide.  Inspired by their patients, many who struggle for their lives, and named after the three words that their patients crave the most, No Evidence of Disease, N.E.D’s original music expresses the need for public attention and funding for these under-hyped, under-researched women’s diseases.

The film’s award-winning producer, Andrea Kalin of Spark Media, is an activist for social change, whose vision for Dancing with N.E.D. is to circulate the country and the world to inspire participation in eradicating women’s diseases. Her hope, and mine, is that through awareness and partnerships with organizations promoting women’s health and well-being, funds research cures and prevention of GYN diseases will come easily, and that the incidences of the cancers are reduced, and survival rates dramatically increased.

The film will be screened to limited audiences this spring.  I’ll keep you posted.

See more about Dancing with N.E.D. at dancingwithned.com



Meloney Hudson