* Awakening Shakti: Tantra Tools for Female Empowerment

Do you believe that you’re a goddess?  While this term is so overused these days that it’s practically slang, consider it to be true. Within you dwells the divine creative energy and feminine power that will help you manifest your earthly desires. A few simple practices from the ancient path of Tantric yoga can help to awaken your inner goddess and expand your life into a cosmic experience.


In the West, Tantra is reputed to be a sort of sexual yoga. But in actuality, it’s a rich spiritual path that harnesses your inner-energy to ignite profound transformation. Central to Tantra is Shakti, the Goddess, the Divine Feminine energy that empowers the Universe. She is the Heavenly Mother and Creatrix of all earthly things. She is also the essential creative life-force and the source of life that activates your physical body. With intention, you can connect with Universal Shakti to help activate and energize your personal Shakti energy, and eliminate the obstructions to your personal power.

Almighty Universal Shakti possesses an array of benevolent and nurturing powers that we can access at any time. In Tantric tradition She is represented by a variety of Goddesses, each whom holds dominion over one of her specific aspects.

SaraswatiAmong these Goddesses are Saraswati, who reigns over the realms of knowledge, music and speech;


     Durga represents protective power; Durga








Lakshmi activates abundance;


Parvati inspires consciousness and spiritual growth; Parvati with Shiva, her consort



and Kali the goddess of transformation, is a loving mother with a terrible sword that slays negative ego.


Each aspect of these goddesses dwells within you, and by calling upon any Goddess for her assistance, you will receive her energy to activate that aspect of yourself. Regularly connecting with one or many of the Goddesses will inspire transformation and fortify your own essential powers. You will feel and become a more confident, capable and energetic woman, and will attract the positive people and opportunities that help you acquire the joyful life you desire.

Following are a few simple techniques to help you tap into Universal and personal Goddess energy. Practice these daily and watch your life transform. 


Chanting sacred words and sounds calls in the Divine Feminine energy of the cosmos to connect with and activate your own personal Shakti energy. There are thousands of mantras in existence that call to Universal Shakti and individual Goddesses. Three mantras follow. Chant each mantra several times in a session or in a day. Traditionally, a mantra generates the most power when chanted 108 times.

It is also helpful to gaze at a picture of a particular goddess, or bring her image to mind. She will stimulate the activation of that aspect of yourself.

Om Sam Saraswatyai Namaha
(Om Sahm Sarh-rah-swah-tee-yea Nah-mah-ha)

This mantra summons Saraswati to assist your thinking and speaking, and inspires creativity.

Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha
(Om Shreem Mah-hah Lahk-shmee-yea Swah-hah)

This mantra summons Lakshmi to attract abundance.

Vishwa Shakti Avaha

(Vish-wah Shahk-tee Ah-vah-hah)

This mantra summons the Divine Mother, and helps you to know yourself as Divine Mother, divine lover, divine Shakti, pure feminine energy.

You can find mantras to activate every goddess anywhere on the internet.  Also a great resource book is Shakti Mantras, by Thomas Ashley-Farrand.


Dancing is a physical exercise that can awaken the spiritual and energetic aspects within you.  Play your favorite dance music, or any music you love. Put all of your attention into your hips and pelvis, and move them to the beat with thrusts and circles. Begin each move in a slow and sultry fashion and build up to a more rhythmic and accelerated speed. Focus on the feeling you have in your hips. Then let go of your mind and allow your feminine energy to well up and expand until it literally takes over your body and moves it for you. .  (This can take as little as ten minutes or as much as an hour or more.)  Surrendering to your Goddess energy will help you feel more alive, connected to Goddess (both external and internal), and more radiantly beautiful.

Practice these simple exercises regularly, and soon you’ll understand the truth of the words, “You’re a goddess!”