* Yoni Power with Yoni Yoga

Luna Bloom, by Meloney HudsonWhen you think about your vagina, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Sexual pleasure (or absence of it)? The baby you birthed through it? Your period? Your upcoming gyno exam?

In our culture, we typically think of the yoni as a sexual/reproductive region.  After all, it does drive us to mate and procreate, and provides great pleasure when given special attention.  But in all actuality, your vagina is more than a physical region; it’s also the source of potent energy and the home of your feminine spirit.

The Sanskrit term for vagina is Yoni, and this term also means uterus and ‘source of life.’ I use this name when referring to our girlie parts, because it’s a respectful title for the Queen of our physical domain. This multidimensional region is so special that ancient religions considered the yoni as the symbol of the Great Goddess, and worshipped it with great respect and honor. Taoist, Tantric and other energetic and spiritual masters recognized the power of the pelvis to heal and revitalize the entire body for enduring youth and spiritual enlightenment. 

You can apply these practices to your life today. The rewards are numerous, and include: improved pelvic health and overall well-being; amplified self-love and self-appreciation; an upsurge of youthful radiance; enhanced overall sexiness; and increased personal power and confidence. 

Following below are descriptions of each aspect of your magnificent yoni, along with simple and effective practices that will amplify your yoni power.

Physical Aspect

Your yoni and the area around it consists of organs and muscles encased in a pelvic girdle. This area influences you’re the health and well-being of your entire body. A toned vagina contributes to greater sexual pleasure and juicier energy. Strong hip bones and muscles provide ease of movement, and supports the structural function of the rest of the body.  By strengthening your yoni and pelvis, you improve your health. 

Yoni Yoga addresses the physical aspects of the pelvis.To strengthen your hips, dance with hip-focused moves and leg extensions. This fun and easy exercise can be done in your living room to your fave song. It strengthens and tones hip muscles and increases flexibility.

To strengthen and tone your vaginal and PC muscles, simply perform Kegel exercises (squeezing and releasing the vaginal muscles).  This can be done while watching TV, driving, or while meditating.

Energetic Aspect 

Your reproductive organs are the source of creative life-force energy, which is the energy that gives you Yoni Yoga activates sexual, life-force energy.life. When activated and harnessed, this essential energy can be utilized to heal, purify and revitalize the entire body. The pelvis is also the location of your second chakra (energy center), which is the font of creative, emotional and sexual energy. This energy enhances your overall energy, feelings of sexiness and radiant beauty, which exudes outwardly and positively influences others. Yoni exercises can activate and balance this energy.

Here’s one easy exercise. Say the mantra “oooh” slowly as you sexily move your hips. (Oooh is the seed sound that stimulates second chakra energy.) Repeat the “ooh” sound over and over as you move your hips and stroke your body. It’s as if you’re making love to yourself. After a few moments, when you feel an increase of your sexual energy, stand still and inhale through your nose, and imagine the energy flows up your spine from your yoni to your head. Hold your breath and squeeze your yoni muscles to contain the energy. This allows the sexual, life-force energy to infuse in all of your cells.  After a few seconds, exhale through your mouth, release the yoni squeeze. Repeat two more times.    

Spiritual Aspect
Yoni Yoga helps us connect with our authentic essence.Your yoni is the home of your spirit and feminine qualities, including compassion, love, nurturance, intuition, sensuality, and wisdom. Your yoni also holds your sexual history (including past-life), which contributes to the formation of who you are today as a woman. It also influences your spiritual vibration.

The yoni is symbolic of Goddess. Pre-patriarchal civilizations worshipped the Great Goddess and many goddesses, revering their powers of love, fertility, sexuality and creativity. Your yoni represents of the Goddess within you, and your own powers of love, sexuality and creativity, as well as your feminine attributes that enhance the world. 

You can honor the spiritual aspect of your yoni and increase your spiritual vibration with a simple gratitude prayer. Take a moment to be still, and thank her for her important role in your life. Thank her for her health and her influence on your womanhood. Vow to protect her and treat her with honor and respect. Forgive yourself for any so-called “mistakes” you may have made with your yoni.  Shower her with love and devotion.

Practice these every day and you will increase your yoni power exponentially. Love yourself and love life!!! Here’s to YONI POWER!

Yoni Yoga is a system of simple meditations, movement and exercises that address each aspect of your yoni.  Performing even one simple exercise a day provides great benefit. Order your free Yoni Yoga practice guide today!