** Loving Yourself Through Sexual Dysfunction

Men’s sexual malfunctions are no secret. Pharmaceutical drug companies spend millions of dollars every year to sell their E.D. drugs, making it clear that male sexual dysfunction is not a rare occurrence. Seldom do we hear about women’s sexual dysfunction, except perhaps in conversation with a girlfriend. Yet this frustrating ailment affects millions of American women of all ages, and is caused by stress, hormonal imbalances, and even not enough sex. While there is no magic pill that remedies low libido and painful sex in women (at this time, anyway), there are a great number of holistic treatments and practices that can.

The following infographic, Not Just a Man’s World: Sexual Dysfunction Among Women (and What to Do About it) from www.xsandos.net provides excellent information and solutions to your yoni woes. It explains the prevalence of female sexual dysfunction, why it occurs, and how to relieve the symptoms and restore your sexual health. Recommended remedies include quick fixes for immediate relief and long-term solutions for enduring yoni and sexual health. They are well-researched, effective and good for you. 

Taking responsibility for your love-making abilities is empowering, self-loving and good for your intimate relationship(s).

So if your yoni doesn’t cooperate in the bedroom, don’t give up. You can renew your youthful enthusiasm for sex. And you’ll love yourself for it!

Not Just a Man’s World Sexual Dysfunction Among Women