** Bringing Your Ideas to Pre-Dawn Light


Do you have an idea, project or goal that you feel called to create, but you just can’t seem to find the time to bring it to light? You aren’t the only one. Millions of people feel that their creative genius is hampered because of their jobs, families and other obligations.

I have a secret that can help you attend to your soul’s calling and bring your passion projects to fulfillment. It’s one that I use to enable me to write books, teach classes and produce documentaries, all while working a stressful full-time job.   

The secret:  Wake up very early in the morning and spend that time on your personal projects. 

My days start at 5:00 a.m., and often much earlier. During the pre-dawn hours, long before the sun rises, the ethers are calm and clear of frenetic energy and distractions. My body and mind are rejuvenated and free of yesterday’s activities, so inspirations and ideas pour in. I’m focused and efficient. Often what I accomplish surprises me because it’s much more original and well-produced than I imagined it would be.   

With a cup of coffee in hand (one cup is all I need), I dedicate about an hour-and-a-half to my work. That hour-and-a-half equals seven and-a-half hours a week. So I’m able to chip away at my creations until they’re complete. (And this doesn’t include the weekend hours I put in.)

After my pre-dawn work session, just as the world starts waking up, I put my project away and start the day.  

I go into the office feeling exhilarated from focusing on a project that supports my life’s purpose. I’m charged with positive energy and inspiration. Daily challenges are more enjoyable and interactions with co-workers are upbeat. The skills honed from my own work are applied to my professional job, which benefits both the company and me.

After my day-job, I don’t work at all, so my evenings are free to relax (or completely crash after a long day). I’m in usually in bed by 9:30 p.m., and sleep easily and deeply.

While early mornings might sound painful, they aren’t at all, especially when dedicated to a passion project, through which your soul is expressed and your creative juices flow. In fact, the rewards are motivating!  You’ll hop out of bed with eagerness to return to it.

Adjusting to early morning hours won’t happen overnight. Baby steps are helpful. Wake up 15 minutes earlier for two or three weeks, then another 15 minutes earlier for two or three weeks, until you have an extra hour or hour-and-a-half. You can accomplish enough in 15 minutes to start to breathe life into it. Imagine what you can accomplish in that extra seven hours a week! 

Once you begin seeing the results, and birthing ideas that have been incubating for so long, the habit of waking up early will become second nature.

For sure, this method works particularly well for those with the “Lark” body-clock, who naturally function best during the day. If you are an “Owl”, who is most energized at night, this system probably won’t work for you.  But for us Larks, the pre-dawn hours can be our new best friend.

So if your soul’s work is calling, answer it during the pre-dawn hours. Bring your ideas and inspirations to light!