** Sister Circle - Vortex of Positive Energy

One of the benefits of being a woman is sisterhood.

Science proves that women operate differently than men in stressful situations; rather than ‘fight or flight’, women ‘tend and befriend,’ and seek solace and direction from their girlfriends. So it makes sense that in today’s complicated and challenging times, Sister Circles, and women’s gatherings of all kinds, are becoming more popular.

A Sister Circle is a conscious, intentional and supportive gathering that facilitates community and connection. It’s a safe haven where women can openly share and discuss, without judgement, competition or disrespect. In fact, participants sit in a circle, which fosters inclusivity, connection and equality. In this sacred space, women can let their hair down (so to speak), step in their true selves, and speak honestly without fear or shame. Ideas are exchanged, issues are resolved, support abounds. The sister circle experience instills each woman with strength, confidence, and a sense of truth about herself that may have been hidden or lying dormant.

Beyond the personal benefits, circles help the planet. A sister circle forms a vortex of positive, feminine energy that ripples out into the quantum field and contributes to the balance of our overly-masculine world. Our energy is desperately needed, so this is a form a sacred service!

Women’s circles are as old as time. In the prehistoric era, women gathered in ritual to worship their Goddess. Later, women communed during their moon time to take respite from their many responsibilities. In today’s complicated and challenging times, women find these circles to be portals of peace, comfort and deep, meaningful connection.

So value are sister’s circles for individual women and the entire planet, that many organizations offer opportunities to attend and form sister circles. Author and women’s activist Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book, The Millionth Circle: How to Change Ourselves and The World--The Essential Guide to Women's Circles, provides guidance on how to create a circle. And Millionth Circle non-profit organization provides free information on women’s circles, including Circle Guidelines for your own gathering.   

Gather the Women Global Matrix is an international organization that helps women find existing circles and organize new ones, and provides guidelines. 

Women’s gatherings with specific themes can also be found. For example, the Red Tent Movement encourages community circles to honor our blood cycles and womanhood journeys. Lean In takes circles to the professional world, where women teach, learn and stand up for a more equal world.    

Feminine community is essential for personal empowerment and for the amplification of feminine energy so that the world can become balanced and a better place.

If you wish to ‘tend and befriend’, commune and grow, then participate in sisterly community and help create a vortex of positive feminine energy!