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 About Founder, Meloney Hudson

I help women understand their magnificence, amplify their self-esteem, raise their personal vibration, empower them to create fulfilling lives, and become a positive influence on the planet.
— Meloney Hudson

My story and why I do what I do

My mission is to help you expand your perceptions of your body, mind and spirit, and help you love the very essence of YOU. I want you to be proud of your sexuality, connect with your true spirit and cultivate the strength to discover and fulfill your purpose for a joyful life. As you and other women become more self-loving, self-assured, and in their power, we can bring change to the world!

There was a time long ago when I didn’t love myself. I mercilessly compared myself to other women, hated the way I looked, engaged in destructive relationships, felt lost on my career path, was always broke, often felt deeply depressed.  In other words, I had very low self-esteem. It hurts to think about it! 

I went to traditional therapists and tried one or two transformational workshops for help, and while they did provide some relief, an authentic shift took place when I discovered Tantric Kriya Yoga. The Tantric principles of being fully-present, appreciating the sensualities of life, honoring women and feminine energy equally to men and masculine energy, and the balancing the energy in the body helped me to expand my perceptions of myself and life. I noticed that the change in my energy changed my world. It put me on a path to self-love, self-confidence, joy, abundance in every way and fulfillment in life. I pursued the studies of other energy and spiritual practices.

I began to notice that many beautiful and bright women also experience a lack of self-love. Analyzing and studying this phenomenon, I surmised that our social conditioning was the often the source of low self-esteem in women. Girls are taught that sexuality is something to hide or be ashamed of. That God is male. That strong women are bitches, and that men are in control. Girls are raised to not love the magical, beautiful, unique, powerful, exuberant, wonderful aspects of ttheir female selves.  

Through my studies I learned methods that can heal old programming and instill new appreciation for body, mind and spirit.  Sharing this information became my purpose in life.    

In my workshops we get righteous. We go deep, wide, have fun, move, sit, try new things, laugh, cry, get uncomfortable.

Women connect with themselves in ways they hadn’t before. They discover new things about their bodies. Their hearts open and spirits soar with joy! 

Women share with me that they feel more open and loving of their bodies more, better about themselves as a sexual being. They feel more beautiful and attractive. They smile more and notice more people smiling at them. They cope better in the world. They feel more confident.

I want this for YOU!  If you have any doubt of your beauty, value or magicalness, let me and Positive Energy Woman help.  


Being radiantly positive has a three-tiered, ripple effect: you attract good things, you uplift those around you, and you raise of the vibration of the planet. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor – be positive!

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Meloney’s Bio

Meloney Hudson is an advocate of women's empowerment, author, teacher of energetic arts, and documentary producer. She believes that self-love is the first step to a more joyful life and better world. 

Meloney is the author of Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman, an invaluable guide to self-love and empowerment, and the foundation of her work.

She's a facilitator of transformative workshops and speaker on topics on self-esteem and personal energy. Her programs include the Positive Energy Woman workshop, Yoni Yoga and Aphrodite's Secrets women's empowerment programs. She’s also facilitated Tantra gatherings for nearly two decades. 

Her knowledge of human energy comes from her studies of Tantra, Toaism and New Thought philosophies. Meloney is a certified Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga facilitator and has studied with Bodhi Avinasha since 1996. She also studied Taoist healing techniques with Toaist Master Mantak Chia. She’s a member of Agape International Spiritual Center, has studied Spiritual Science with Reverand Michael Beckwith. 

She has studied with some of the world's most celebrated scholars of women's spirituality and women's history.  Believing that women's ancient history can be a source of feminine transformation, she weaves into her work information about the evolution of our cultural practices.

As a filmmaker, she creates and collaborates on documentaries, commercials and television series, and her work has appeared on The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel and other networks. Her current project is Rise of Venus: The Power of the Women's Spirituality Movement, her independently-produced, short-subject web series. Meloney is co-producer of Signs Out of Time: The Story of Archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, produced by filmmaker Donna Read and writer/activist Starhawk. She also contributed to the production of other women-focused films, including Dancing with N.E.D. and Pink Smoke Over the Vatican

Acknowledging the value of contemporary transformational theories, she also applies the teachings of Tony Robbins, Christopher Howard and other masters of personal achievement to her life and offerings. She is a graduate of several Christopher Howard Training seminars.

Meloney has been a guest on a variety of radio shows and interviewed by Dr. Robert Rey, Karen Tate and other experts. She is co-host on Dr. Lori Buckley’s podcast Looking for Love and More, Her written articles have appeared in  Inside Look MagazineSage Woman Magazine, and other publications. 

Thank you for your passing of knowledge and empowerment.
— Monel
You offer your knowledge and expertise with love and generosity.
— . Laura D
I just loved the whole field that every exercise created, but mostly the mastery of Meloney’s leadership and the impact that she had on the group as a whole.
— Leah Z